Upcoming King David Movie Taps Rabbi Tuly to Provide Israel Authenticity

And Hashem said to Shmuel, “How long will you grieve over Shaul, since I have rejected him as king over Yisrael? Fill your horn with oil and set out; I am sending you to Yishai the Bethlehemite, for I have decided on one of his sons to be king.”




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April 27, 2022

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With Disney and other family entertainment incorporating “woke” anti-Bible influences in movies targeting children, parents are hard-pressed to find top-quality movies that are both engaging and contain positive values.

In their effort to fill this need, Sunrise Productions turned to Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the head of Israel 365, to boost the Holy Land authenticity of their new computer-animated movie focusing on the life of King David.

As the Israel advisor, Rabbi Weisz will ensure both Biblical accuracy and a feel for the locale of the story’s setting. Phil Cunningham, the Executive Producer and Director of “David,” explained the importance of this role:

“One of our greatest passions in telling this story is to be as authentic as possible in distilling the biblical story of David’s life and to make a movie that transports our audience into the world, time, and culture in which David’s story is set,” Cunningham said. “As a Jew who is passionate about the land of Israel and a Biblical scholar with a unique ability to teach the Bible from a Jewish perspective to a largely Christian audience, Rabbi Tuly brings a profound insight to our story process.”

It is this authenticity and Biblical expertise that will make the movie entertaining for children and engaging for adults as well. David will be the most significant biblical animated movie since Dreamworks’ Prince of Egypt. A Biblically authentic epic, it will stand alongside the likes of Moana and Tangled for quality and entertainment value.

Animation is arguably the most powerful medium to reach every generation, culture, and language. The world’s most beloved animated films are re-watched again and again. Its creators believe that David will be among them.

Phil Cunningham, head of Sunrise Productions

As every Bible reader knows, David is the archetypal underdog and one of the most inspiring characters in human history. His story is much more than a shepherd boy who took on a giant. Warrior, poet, shepherd king, and fervent servant of the God of Israel, David’s life is one of incredible color and energy. It’s a story that can inspire a generation to change, to live more courageously, and love more generously.

Israel 365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz

With almost two decades of experience creating entertainment that has been broadcast in more than 180 countries, Sunrise Productions has created a Pixar-quality movie that will engage children from the first moment until the closing credits. Their Jungle Beat series has a YouTube audience of nearly 200 million views per month, ranked in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies globally in 2020. 

Interested viewers can get an inside look at the movie’s creation by attending a live stream event featuring Cunningham and Weisz via Facebook on Thursday, April 28 at UTC 8:00 PM. Rabbi Weisz will speak about the rich tradition and culture of the Jewish people in the time of David. 

More info about the webinar can be found on the Facebook event page





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