Muslim lawmaker calls on Arab policemen to quit; Ironically the policy of King David

He shall be a wild ass of a man; His hand against everyone, And everyone's hand against him; He shall dwell alongside of all his kinsmen.”




(the israel bible)

April 11, 2022

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The Israeli police are looking into opening a case for incitement against the head of the Joint Arab List, MK Ayman Odeh, who called for Arabs serving in the Israeli security forces to resign. The result would bring Israel’s security forces closer to a purely Jewish military which was the original policy of King David.

A humiliation for one of our sons

“Recently, I have met with many groups from occupied Arab Jerusalem. Young Palestinians with Israeli citizenship have told me that they are being harmed and humiliated. It is important for me to tell you from here, the Damascus Gate, that it is a humiliation for one of our sons to join the security forces,” Odeh said in a video posted to his Facebook page, adding that  Arab Israelis who join the Israeli security forces were “humiliating our people, humiliating our families and humiliating everyone who comes to pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Damascus Gate has been the scene of daily clashes between Arbs and the Israel Police. Though Aqsa Mosque is the grey domed mosque at the southern end of the Temple Mount, Odeh presumably refers to the entire Temple Mount compound.

Ayman Odeh (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

“Our position is that we will be with our people to end the murderous occupation so that Palestine will rise, Palestinian flags will be hoisted on the walls of Jerusalem, and peace will spread on the land of peace. The young people must not join the occupying forces. Throw the weapon in their face and tell them that our place is not with you. We will not be part of the injustice and the crime,” he added.

Dividing the world into two parts

By using the term “land of peace,” Odeh is referring to a concept in Islam invented in the eighth century by the Iraqi Imam Abu Hanifa, which divides the world into two parts: Dar es Salam (the land of peace), which is under Muslim rule, and Dar Es Harb (the land of the sword) which is yet to be conquered by Islam. 

This statement effectively called for establishing a separate “Palestinian” state with its capital in Jerusalem. His comments come during a wave of Arab violence and after several deadly terrorist attacks.

It is ironic that by using the inaccurate term ‘occupation’ to describe Israel, the MK is attempting to delegitimize the state he is sworn to serve. 

“Our place is with justice and truth – against the occupation,” he said. “Our place is the natural place, a noble part of the Palestinian Arab people, and in a just war to bring an end to the criminal occupation. For peace to rest on the land of peace.”

Israeli police and terrorists

The issue of Arabs serving in the security forces has recently become an issue of debate. Two weeks ago, the nation mourned Amir Khoury, a Christian Arab from Nof Hagalil, who was killed after engaging and neutralizing the Palestinian terrorist who murdered four other Israelis in Bnei Brak. 

Alternatively, the brother of one of the terrorists who murdered two police officers in Hadera last month is a policeman in the town of Kfar Saba.

The police contacted the State Attorney’s Office to check whether Odeh’s remarks constituted incitement. The police believe that his remarks have the potential to cause a revolt and a boycott and incite people against the police.

Calls for impeachment

MK Shlomo Karhi is seeking support for an initiative to impeach Odeh. 

“Ayman Odeh’s call for Muslim police officers to throw down their weapons, at a time when Israel is in the midst of a battle against terror from within and without, is serious incitement that could lead to violence against the officers and harm to the security of the nation,” tweeted former finance minister Israel Katz. “Odeh’s place is not in the Knesset but jail.”

“In a just world, this man would be arrested tonight and tried quickly,” said former Likud police minister Amir Ohana. “But in our world, he could still be a safety net for the government of Bennett, (Gideon) Sa’ar, and Avigdor Liberman.”

Ohana referred to the recent crisis Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett faced by MK Idit Silman’s departure from the coalition. Without a majority coalition of 61, Bennett’s government will be hamstrung and effectively unable to pass legislation. It is believed that he may turn to the left-wing and Arab representatives to regain a majority coalition.

Ostracized from the coalition

In response, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s Yamina party said that “despite rumors, the Joint List will not be part of the coalition or government.”

It accused Likud and other right-wing opposition parties of collaborating with Odeh to try and bring down the government.

Arab citizens are not required to serve in the Israeli military, and very few Muslim Arabs do so.  The IDF does not publish figures on the exact number of recruits by religious denomination. It is estimated that merely a few dozen Christian Arabs currently serve in the IDF. About 1% of Israeli Bedouin do, albeit with distinction as combat trackers. The Druze are required to serve in the IDF in accordance with an agreement between their local religious leaders and the Israeli government and do so with distinction. It is estimated that 85% of Druze men in Israel serve in the army, many of them becoming officers and some rising to general officer rank.

A Biblical perspective

The condition Israel currently finds itself was predicted in the Bible.

He shall be a wild ass of a man; His hand against everyone, And everyone’s hand against him; He shall dwell alongside of all his kinsmen.” Genesis 16:12

As the descendants of Ishmael, the Israeli Arabs are turning against their “kinsmen,”; the Israelis that act as their host government. 

Rabbi Nachman Kahana noted that having Arabs serve in the security forces is a “regrettable un-ideal secular reality forced upon us.”

“The state of Israel was the greatest thing that happened to us in 2,000 years,” Rabbi Kahana said. “But even so, it was born ‘sick.’ It should have been conceived in holiness and headed by Torah. But for some reason, that is not how God made it happen.”

“In our less-than-ideal society, Arabs are represented in every sector. There aren’t enough Jews. It is interesting to note that there are many Arabs who work in the health industry. If you go to a hospital, you will see Arabs in every department, but there is one part of the hospital where you will not find a single Arab name; on the list of donors. Jews build hospitals in Arab cities, but the Arabs do not build hospitals in Jewish cities.”

“King David had no non-Jews in his army,” Rabbi Kahana said. “There were non-Jews serving in King David’s army in support roles. But to fight in the army of Israel, you have to merit it. The sad irony is that if it weren’t for the Arabs living inside Israel, we wouldn’t need so many policemen, and we certainly wouldn’t need Arab policemen.”

“In this respect, Odeh was absolutely correct. The Arabs do not merit serving in the IDF. They do not deserve it. If we said it, we would be racists. But if he says it, he is lauded by his people and the people who want to see Israel destroyed. In truth, what he is saying is an insurrection, and in any other country, he would be put in jail.”


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