Talmudic prophecy reveals: Russia-Ukraine war indicates Messiah’s arrival as early as 2022

O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him




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March 31, 2022

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What does the Russian invasion of Ukraine have to do with the Messiah? Everything, according to one rabbi who studied the Talmud’s prophecy. Rabbi Yehuda Richter of Kfar Tappuach revealed in a recent lecture entitled ‘Emergency Broadcast: Russia, Ukraine, Armageddon, Bringing the Redemption’ that in the Talmud, a little-known prophesy touches on how wars in “the seventh year” are a sign of the End-of-days and a harbinger of the Messiah’s arrival.

The number seven

In the presentation, the rabbi cites his sources in the Talmud, saying:

“Talmud tractate of megillah page 17, side B also, you could refer to Sanhedrin 97 side A. We are told that the great assembly of the 120 sages they arranged and compiled the silent Amida – the 18 benedictions, the 18 prayers, and every blessing originally was 18. Then afterward, of course, 19 but every single blessing that the great assembly assembled and there was a purpose and a reason why that blessing had to be exactly in that spot. The Talmud asks – we know that the seventh blessing of the Amidah is asking God to look at our troubles and to redeem us. So why is redemption connected to the number seven?”
Rabbi Yehudah Richter, chief Rabbi of Kfar Tapuach (screenshot)

Months of redemption

The rabbi explains that the Nation of Israel will experience redemption in the seventh year – or the Sabbatical year, which we are in right now. Furthermore, the rabbi adds that the war in Ukraine is happening in the months that are associated with redemption – Adar (February-March), whereby the Jewish people celebrate their redemption from destruction during the holiday of Purim and Nissan (March-April), where the Jewish people celebrate their redemption from Egypt on the holiday of Passover.
“The Talmud says that the Jewish people will be redeemed in the seventh year in the sabbatical year. Not only are we in a sabbatical year, but we are in three months of the year that are redemption – that are really geared for redemption. That’s two months of Adar where the redemption of Purim occurred and the following month of Nissan where the redemption of Passover – leaving Egypt occurred.”

Wars at the end of the seventh year

Rabbi Richter explains that the Talmud prophesizes wars in the seventh year, and in the eighth year, the Messiah will arrive: “The tractate of Derech Zuta in the 10th chapter, the first law it says they’re a little bit different. It says there will be wars during the seventh year, specifically at the end of the seventh year. At the beginning of the eighth year, the Messiah of David will come to redeem the Jewish people – the Mashiach, the Son of David.”

The rabbi then explains that when the wars end in the seventh year, the Messiah, a descendant of David, arrives in the eighth year (September 2022-September 2023)
“It says that in the seventh year, there are wars, and that represents the beginning of redemption, and then the Messiah comes. On the eve of the seventh year, so most of the commentaries say that there are, of course, two messiahs. There’s the messiah, the son of joseph who fights the battles – who’s the physical side of the redemption of the Jewish people and that happens during the seventh year – wars, etc. And then after the seventh year is over, the beginning of the eighth year, that is the Messiah of David.”

A different kind of war

Rabbi Richter adds that the war between Russia and Ukraine affects the entire world. That’s because all world superpowers have taken sides, such as China siding with Moscow and NATO siding with Ukraine. He adds that the phenomenon shows that this is a different type of war than other recent conflicts that have been more isolated.
He notes that we may be on the cusp of a nuclear World War 3.
Rabbi Richter also cites Rabbi Eliezer Papo, who lived in the Land of Israel during the Ottoman occupation and wrote in his book ‘Elim’: “when you see nations inciting one another, challenging one another, threatening one another, be prepared for Moshiach.” The source is Breisheet Rabbah, chapter 42, paragraph 4.
Another indication comes from the Malbim, one of the more highly respected Torah authorities, which says that each war is a process bringing us closer to redemption. Regarding the current conflict in Ukraine, Rabbi Richter says, “the stakes have never been so high.”

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