Ukraine represents globalism and Russia is standing up to them, Israeli politician reveals

March 27, 2022

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An Israeli politician offers a unique insight into the Ukraine-Russia war, seeing it as a war of ideologies that could enflame the world. But he takes a close look, explaining that simply portraying Putin as ‘the bad guy’ and Zelensky as ‘the good guy’ may be misleading.

A unique understanding of the war

Moshe Feiglin is a veteran of Israeli politics and the leader of the Zehut Party. A former member of Likud, he headed the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction within the party and represented Likud in the Knesset between 2013 and 2015. Defined as a libertarian, he is a thoughtful ideologue. At the same time, he has put his ideas into action and led nationwide acts of non-violent civil disobedience.

As such, Feiglin has a unique understanding of the war in Ukraine, seeing it as a war of ideologies. Feiglin began his explanation with the disclaimer that he does not support Russian President Vladimir Putin or his actions in Ukraine. But in this particular conflict, he sees the powers supporting Zelensky as more of a threat to Israel.

A war of principles

“This is not so much a war between two countries as it is a war of principles and ideologies,” Feiglin said. “That is why it has become a point of intense focus and interest for so many people who are not directly involved or affected. The western concern is far more than just Ukrainian oppression, as there are even at this moment worse cases of oppression taking place. So the question here is not so much ‘who against who’ but, rather, ‘what against what.’ What is the principle that the West is so concerned about that they are willing to face off against Russia?”

Feiglin gave World War II as an example, a similar war of ideas pitting the free world against Nazism.

“If the war in Ukraine were between two Putins, no one would care. When Assad used gas against his people, the US stepped back and let Russia take over Syria. Russian expansionism was not such a great concern there. The Russian incursion into Ukraine is the same, but it seems to have touched a nerve.”

Bringing back Czarist Russia

“It is a war of ideas but not for democracy. There is no question that Putin is not motivated by righteous principles. He wants to bring back Czarist Russia by recreating the greater Russian Empire.”  

“You would think that the West is motivated by a desire to support democracy. Though Ukraine may be making some movements towards democracy, it is not a democracy.”

“Democracy, as it is defined no longer, exists today anywhere in the world. The West has moved towards eliminating nationalism to establish international organizations. Who makes decisions about public health, international finance, and commerce? An international court replaces the local courts. International corporations dictate to the governments. Who decides whether or not you can walk outside your house and go to the supermarket? These are not elected governments. These are non-elected officials who have international influence.”

Establishing global humanism

“Western progressivism transcends all identities, establishing global humanism as an overriding identity that supersedes the family, religion, or even race. People lose their identities and are identified as part of increasingly larger groups, i.e., race, gender, etc. In this perspective, we are all citizens of the global entity, not of our choosing.”

“When we look at the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the light of this globalist process, Putin is certainly brutally fascist. Understandably, people would oppose him, but there is no lack of brutal fascists that have gone ignored and are still being ignored by the West. Zelensky has captured the full and enthusiastic support of the West, and it is important to understand why.”

“In this particular conflict, Zelensky represents the move towards globalism. The powers of globalism target anyone who does not throw their full support behind Zelensky. This is the same ideology that enabled Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use the financial system against individuals even though Canada is a democracy. This is the West that is so desperate to get behind Zelensky. In this respect, Putin is far less of a threat to Israel today than the globalism running to support Zelensky.”

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