A second chance to rescue Jews from a war in Europe

Comfort, oh comfort My people, Says your God.




(the israel bible)

March 2, 2022

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Did you rescue Jews the last time there was a war in Europe?

If not, this can be your second chance.

That’s because as the war in Ukraine intensifies, the country’s hospitals are kicking out civilian patients.

Most people don’t know that in Ukraine, soldiers wounded in combat take priority.

Treating these troops even comes at the expense of children in need of immediate care.

That’s precisely what happened to a Jewish woman named Natalia, whose 5-year old daughter, Yulia, was bed-bound, suffering from a severe case of edema.

Edema is a condition that causes massive swelling from excess fluid trapped in the leg.

The army evicted Yulia from her hospital bed in the eastern city of Uzgarod to make room for wounded servicemen.

This left Natalia with a 5-year old girl suffering from a debilitating disease with nowhere to turn to and no one to treat her daughter.

Wandering through the war-torn streets of Ukraine to the sound of explosions in the background, Natasha turned to various humanitarian agencies and clinics for help.

Each one turned her away as Russian troops intensified their grip on the city.

The last humanitarian agency she turned to was Hatzolah.

They were also the only ones who agreed to help her.

Established in 2014 during Russia’s invasion of Cremiux, Hatzolah Ukraine is the Jewish community’s premier humanitarian aid organization.

Its founder, Shlomo Rosilio, says that the organization is now helping tens of thousands of Jews stuck in unimaginable situations since the Russian invasion began.

Among them was Natalia.

And so, Hatzalah managed to scrape together enough money to transfer Yulia to a hospital in Odessa, where she was stabilized.

But that hospital was also eventually commandeered by the military, forcing Hatzalah to find another ambulance to transfer her to another hospital in the neighboring country of Moldova.

There, she is safe and is now being treated by a professional medical staff.

Organizing hospital transport under fire is difficult enough for aid groups like Hatzalah.

But raising the $3,000 needed to transport those patients is a whole other battle that Hatzalah shouldn’t have to deal with.

That’s why the Avior organization decided to relieve them of the burden.

Avior has stepped up to handle the fundraising side of rescuing Ukrainian Jews.

This allows Hatzalah to focus on what they do best – saving Jewish lives in Ukraine.

That’s because Natalia’s story is just one out of “tens of thousands,” Rosilio told Israel365 News.

And this is the reason why they are now reaching out to not only Jews across the globe but also to friends of the Jewish people all around the world.

They are turning to friends of Israel who didn’t get a chance to save the Jews when the last war in Europe struck.

Can you help get Ukraine’s Jewish community the food and medicare they need?

Can you give to save them from death and suffering?

Now can be your chance to rescue Jews from imminent annihilation.

Don’t stand on the sidelines as Jews are getting killed in Europe this time.

Please help them by donating whatever you can to Avior Today.

Remember, you can’t stop the war, but you can save the children.

Click here to donate to Avior today.







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