Russia recruits Syrians to fight Ukraine. Are Esau and Ishmael joining forces in Gog-Magog War?

O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him




(the israel bible)

February 28, 2022

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Reports of Russia recruiting Syrians and Chechnyans to their war in Ukraine have Gog and Magog war implications, according to one rabbi who says that Esau embodied by Russia among other nations will unite at the end of days with Ishmael, represented by the Muslim world.

Hamas declares the end of the US era; calls for Russia to attack London.

Similarly, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza have remained pointedly non-committal. The former Soviet Union historically supported Israel’s regional Arab enemies; a political entity Putin seems intent on resurrecting. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union provided aid and support to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Many Palestinians studied at Soviet universities, including PA President Mahmoud Abbas., the leaders are fearful of antagonizing either superpower. 

Nonetheless, the PA has remained silent on the issue of Ukraine.

This political silence was shattered by  Hamas political bureau member Mousa Abu Marzouq who released statements claiming that the Russian military offensive marked the end of the era in which the US-dominated world politics. 

“One lesson of the Russian-Ukrainian war is that the era of US unipolar domination has ended. The US was not able to declare war on Russia; those who cannot declare war will not set the international agenda. From here, we can begin to talk about the future of the Zionist entity,” Abu Marzouk said.

He also tweeted a call for Hamas to seize the moment. 

“I call on the PA to seize this opportunity to end security coordination, give free rein to resist the occupation,” Abu Marzouq wrote.

Similarly,  Fayez Abu Shemala, a columnist for the Hamas media Falastin, praised the Russian invasion and called for more.

“Please God, may Putin see a decisive victory that encourages him to invade more European countries,” Abu Shemala wrote. “I hope that the city of London will experience the same fate,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

Syrians and Chechen Muslims fighting for Russia

This pro-Russian inclination took on battle implications when Syrian media claimed that Russia had recruited between 2,500 and 4,000 pro-Assad Syrian mercenaries to fight in Ukraine, paying them $700 per month. The pay scale will increase to $1200 if they fight in Ukraine. According to the report in Daraa 24, members of the Fourth and Fifth Corps and the “Suhail al-Hassan” forces were taken for retraining at the T-4 military airbase before being sent to a base in Rostov, Russia. Russia utilized Syrian mercenaries in its fighting in Libya. The report conjectured that the Syrian fighters would be especially effective as “they will not show hesitation in the battles they are fighting because they differ from them [Ukrainians] ethnically and religiously.

Though it has not been confirmed that Syrian fighters arrived in Ukraine, Muslim Chechen fighters have played an active role in fighting for Russia. A report in RT claimed 12,000 Chechen special forces fighters, referred to as “Kadyrovites,” deployed to Ukraine. Chechnya,  a mainly Muslim region in southern Russia, is a constituent republic. Chechen troops have fought alongside the Russians in Syria and Georgia.

Russian media outlets have been tapping into the reputation of Chechen fighters for brutality and religiously fueled fanaticism. A viral video showed hundreds of Chechen soldiers praying in the forest before the battle.  Russian security services released   Chechen “hunters” photos of their intended targets.

The Chechen image of ferocity took a beating after it was reported that Ukrainian military forces successfully destroyed a Chechen special forces column of 56 tanks near the capital of Kyiv on Saturday. According to the report, which the outlet said was confirmed by the Ukrainian President’s Office, the attack killed top Chechen general Magomed Tushayev, head of the 141 motorized regiment of the Chechnya National Guard.

Ukrainian Azov fighters responded by releasing videos showing dipping bullets in pork fat. 


Azov initially formed as a volunteer militia on 5 May 2014 during the Odessa clashes. Members of the regiment come from 22 countries and are of various backgrounds. The unit has been accused of being associated with Nazism, a charge they deny. The video was flagged by Twitter but not removed. “This Tweet violated Twitter’s Hateful Conduct Rules. However, Twitter has determined that its availability may be of interest to the public”, Twitter posted as a warning.

Esav, Ishmael, Mixed Multitude, Gog Magog

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-of-days author, spoke about an imminent Gog and Magog War for several years.

“The advantage of looking at events from a perspective of prophecy is that you know what is going to happen,” Rabbi Winston said. “There is no question about what is going to happen. The only questions are when and how current events fit into the picture. And, of course, where you will be standing about God when it does happen.”

The end-of-day schedule described in Jewish sources is quite simple and can be summed up in just a few sentences.

Rabbi Pinchas WInston (Courtesy)

“Esav and Ishmael will unite against Israel,” Rabbi Winston explained. “This will be the culmination of efforts by the Erev Rav (mixed multitude). But, in the end, Esav and Ishmael will turn on each other, and Ishmael will emerge victorious against Esav.”

“Identifying the major players is not so simple,” Rabbi Winston said. “Ishmael is always identified as the Arab world and Islam which grew out of it.”

“Esav is a little more complicated. There are three main aspects of Esav today. Russia is the brute force aspect of Esav that is evident in the Bible. It is interesting to note that red has always been the national color of Russia and the Soviet Union.”

Rabbi Winston cited Midrash, that described Esav posing difficult religious questions to his father, Isaac, as a ruse, trying to impress him with his false piety.

“The Vatican represents this aspect of Esav. It is interesting to note that the red color figures prominently in Catholicism as the color of the papal seal. Cardinals wear red, and the Papal slippers and socks are also notoriously red to represent the blood of Jesus.”

“The third aspect of Esau is the businessman attracted to the material. This is represented in the US. This is the least despicable of Esau’s qualities and can be raised through conscious effort. The US flag has a bit of Esav red in it, but it emphasizes other qualities as well.”

“If they were ever unified, it would have horrible consequences,” Rabbi Winston warned. “Even though they have always been at odds, the US against Russia and the Soviet Union against religion, they have never been openly at war with each other because they are all essentially one.”

“There is no question that Ishmael, i.e., the Arabs, are aligned with the Russian aspect of Esav. Ishmael is never divided so, tragically, even the Arab states that are aligned with Israel right now will not remain that way.”

Erev Rav is more difficult to identify,” Rabbi Winston said. “For the most part, anyone who wages war against truth is the Erev Rav as we saw in the mixed multitude leading the people into the sin of the golden calf. The golden calf symbolized eternal youth, never growing up and taking responsibility for your actions. Today, there is a war on truth with people claiming that men can be women, that abortion is not murder, that there is no connection between the Jews and Israel, that history is subjective and can be rewritten. ”

“The main function of the Erev Rav at the end of days is to unify Esav and Ishmael against the Jewish people. At face value, this is not a natural alliance. The left-wing values seem incompatible with Islam. But the Erev Rav are the ultimate opportunists, doing whatever they have to at the moment to get what they want. This is why they succeed so well in politics. But, ironically, the main tool of the Erev Rav is chaos. In Israel, the Erev Rav hate Torah so much that they will even align with the Arabs who want to kill them.”

“According to the Zohar, they will end up fighting each other, and Ishmael will win. But, of course, Israel is eternal.”

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