Mystic rabbi’s century-old prediction: Russia to invade Israel in Gog-Magog war, FM opens door to make it a reality

O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him




(the israel bible)

February 22, 2022

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Rabbi Yekutiel Fish cited Rabbi Aharon Roth,  a Hungarian Hasidic rebbe and Talmudic scholar who passed away in 1947. After World War II, towards the end of his life, Rabbi Roth stated that the world has already experienced most of the pre-Messiah tribulations. The rabbi explained that the pre-Messiah War of Gog and Magog will be fought in three parts. Rabbi Roth claimed that the third and final stage of the Gog and Magog War will make World War II seem like “child’s play”, even more, destructive than the Flood in the generation of Noah. 

Rabbi Roth stated that the final stage of the chevlei moshiach (birth pangs of Messiah) will be characterized by Russia ruling over Israel for nine months. In his commentary on the Jerusalem Talmud (Megilla 10a), Rabbi Moses Margolies (1710-1780 Ukraine) stated that Biblical Meshech hints at Moscow. This interpretation takes on eschatological implications when taken in the context of the prophecies made by Ezekiel (38:2) in which he identifies Meshech as one of the leaders of the war of Gog and Magog. 

Russia’s leading role in the War of Gog and Magog is, of course, hinted at by Ezekiel (38:2) when he refers to the Hebrew word for ‘chief’, which is רֹאשׁ (Rosh). This has been interpreted by many to refer to Russia.

This is also hinted at by the Russian President Putin’s first name, Vladimir (ולדימיר) which has a value in gematria (Hebrew numerology) of 300. This is equal to the value of the name Nimrod (נימרוד), who, according to Jewish mysticism, was a previous incarnation of Gog. 

This period will be marked by a global lack of food. Despite the famine, there will be bread and potatoes to spare. Rabbi Roth cited a Midrash which explained that the world will be judged in the final Shemittah. This judgment will come in the form of general famine. It should be noted that this year is a Shemittah year that will end in Rosh Hashannah (Sept. 24, 2022).

This famine will be brought on by the financial misdeeds of the Russian president whose first name contains the same letters as the word ‘dolarim’ (dollars דולרים). Furthermore, the evil implied by the name Putin is hinted at in the Book of Job:

The riches he swallows he vomits; Hashem empties it out of his stomach. He sucks the poison of asps; The tongue of the viper kills him. Job 20:15-16

The Hebrew word for asps is petanim (פְּתָנִים), clearly hinting at Putin.

The Midrash states that Israel is especially susceptible to famine. The holiest men of the generation will gather in prayer to dispel the famine from Israel and their prayers will be answered thanks to the merit of Israel’s faith in God throughout the 2,000-year exile. 

Rabbi Roth also wrote that the Ukrainians plays an equally evil role in the end-of-days as they were revealed to be Amalekites due to their zealous aid to the Nazis in murdering Jews. 

Russia has had an active interest in the Middle East and throughout Israel’s history has employed proxy support of Israels enemies. Though a Russian invasion of Israel may seem improbable, it should be remembered that Russia has a substantial military presence in Syria. This complicates Israel’s involvement in the impending conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Though Israel is a close ally of the US and normally follows their lead in international affairs, the Russian presence in Syria makes this plan of action fraught with direct threats.

This precarious situation was set reeling on Sunday when the Israeli Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, said in an interview that the government would “wait and see” before supporting sanctions against Russia. 

Israeli foreign minister and Head of the Yesh Atid party Yair Lapid speaks during a faction meeting at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, on November 8, 2021. Photo by Oliiver Fitoussi/Flash90

This statement angered both sides, the Russians seeing it as an intention to sanction them, while the Ukrainians felt the Israeli government was not supporting them in an existential crisis. 

With Russia poised on the other side of Israel’s northern border, angering Moscow is unwise while disappointing the US would leave Israel bereft of allies. 


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