Right before Messiah, US will fight Russia and China will capitalize, rabbinic “prophecy” reveals

After that, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and daughters shall prophesy; Your old men shall dream dreams, And your young men shall see visions.




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February 21, 2022

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A prophetic allegory first told 170 years ago has resurfaced, related by one of the most respected rabbis in Israel who heard it many years ago when he was a boy sitting with his father. The rabbi explains that the story, first told by a wonder-working Hassidic leader, foretold a conflict between Russia and the US, but in the end, China would emerge victoriously.

A video was recently posted to the internet in which Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, the scion of one of the most respected Hassidic families in Jerusalem, related a story from his childhood in which a prophecy was discussed by his father and another rabbi concerning the outcome of the current crisis in Ukraine.

Rabbi Grossman begins by describing how he used to sit by his father, Rabbi Yisrael Grossman, the head of the Agudath Yisrael rabbinic court, and learn Torah in the synagogue.

“When they wanted to honor someone in the synagogue, they would allow them to sit next to my father,” Rabbi Grossman related. “One day, a man sat down next to my father. My father treated him with great respect but I didn’t know who it was because I was very young at the time. He began to tell my father a story that he listened to with great interest. It seemed so exceptional that I remember it to this day.”

“The man related what he heard when he was with the ‘Yanuka’ in Stolin (Belarus) many years earlier,” Rabbi Grossman said. The ‘Yanuka’ was Rabbi Yisrael of Stolin. He was the son of Rabbi Asher, the spiritual leader of the Stolin branch of Hassidic Judaism. The Yanuka was born in 1869 and his father passed away when he was just four and a half years old. His piety and Torah knowledge were already so remarkable that at that young age, he was appointed as the sect’s spiritual leader in his father’s place, until he passed away in 1922. 

Rabbi Grossman related how the Yanuka once gathered his followers together for a special message.

“The Yanuka told his followers what would be before the arrival of the Messiah,” Rabbi Grossman related. “Two roosters will be fighting terribly, trying to kill each other, when along will come a third rooster who will finish them both off.”

The story finished with an incongruous ending. 

“But Israel, thanks to their great belief in God, will be spared from danger,” Rabbi Grossman said.

Rabbi Grossman’s father was confused after he heard the story.

“What are you talking about?” his father asked at the time. “What is all this talk about roosters?”

The mysterious stranger answered in the name of the Yanuka, who passed away more than two decades before Rabbi Grossman was born. “The two roosters are Russia and America. Who is the third rooster that will finish off both the US and Russia? That will be China,” the Yanuka said more than 170 years ago.

“At the time, China was like a kindergarten,” Rabbi Grossman said. “They were a huge country but backward in culture and technology and had a military that had no real weapons. Who could have imagined that China would one day be the biggest threat in the world?”

“The vision of righteous men is almost like prophecy and can foresee things regular men cannot,” Rabbi Grossman said. “God should protect us from what the Chinese leaders have in mind.  We are already beginning to see all that was prophesied to be before the Messiah. We are currently in the final stages of the Moshiach (Messiah).”

“The only solution at this stage is to increase in prayer and belief in God, to engage in charity, and to do God’s will,” Rabbi Grossman said. “We are about to see that God is One and His name is One.”

Rabbi Grossman is the sixth generation of his family residing in Jerusalem. He is universally respected and has been offered the position of Chief Rabbi of Israel twice, but declined both times in favor of continuing his outreach work.

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