Testimonies from Israel: Apartheid

February 13, 2022

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A bus departed from Damascus Gate in Jerusalem with a large number of Arab men, a few Arab women and a young woman, a tourist from Europe.

These were my bus companions as we headed across the “Green Line” into “Palestine” where I was living several years ago…

The female traveler from the west had no idea how to get to her final destination, some of the men eagerly shared how she could get there; some of them suggesting for her to take a cab with them after leaving the bus which made her look to me for help.

Then an Arab lady explained to the confused woman how to get to her destination; it was completely different from what those men wanted her to do. Thankfully, she chose to believe that lady and she got off the bus!!

I had my own problem with the man who sat next to me, he kept talking about how beautiful I was as he repeatedly touched my leg.  I kept pushing his hand away, while he asked if I was married. Then he gave me cookies, I just wanted to leave my seat.

Then one man asked us European ladies, “Have any of you ever been to other Arab countries?” Of course, he meant besides being in “Arab Palestine”

I didn’t want to engage in the conversation so I didn’t respond. The other lady answered no but she would like to visit places like Jordan, etc. She said: “If I left from Palestine and not Israel, it is easier to travel to Arab countries, right?”

She looked right at me with her question and so did all the men, waiting for my reply…

I thought she was joking, “if you left from Palestine – what Palestine”?  I pondered my options how I could respond.


Option Two: I just don’t answer for my own safety because there is no way to get off the bus?? In the end, I chose the last option and quickly changed the subject..

As we entered the Palestinian city where I lived at that time, there was a sign that read, You are now entering an area under Palestinian rule, no Israeli citizens are allowed beyond this point, your safety is at risk.” 

You will see such a sign at the entrance to every city under PA rule, now how is that for apartheid. NO JEWS ALLOWED. What does that remind you of..

When a Jewish vehicle enters by mistake, within minutes you see a crowd of blood thirsty Palestinians attacking the car, like what happened yesterday in Nablus to a taxi driver, it’s a miracle that people get out alive when this happens. Sometimes the IDF has to enter and rescue people, we have seen that when soldiers by mistake entered a Palestinian town.

While the failing and corrupt leadership of the Palestinians are making lives very hard for most Palestinians, (recently people were demonstrating in Hebron because of high cost of living and the absence of security and safety as the violence are rampant among Arabs with more than 100 people killed in a year), other Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria are living in huge houses driving around in big Mercedes, Audis and BMWs, something you don’t see in many other places. I witness that every day while living in that area.

How can it be that Arabs can live all over Israel but Jewish people could be killed if they enter PA controlled cities in Israel?

When I rode the bus again from Jerusalem to my town, the bus driver suddenly started to shout something. People jumped out of their seats and started shouting all at once. I didn’t understand what was going on, as the bus slowed down a bit, I saw Israeli police stopping some of the buses to check people’s papers.

The guy next to me confirmed this by saying: “The police are checking people’s papers.” 

That made sense to me, yet people in my bus kept shouting madly to not stop our bus, but to just keep driving. The driver did just that, for some reason, the police let our bus slip through.

I wonder exactly who could have been on our bus, and obviously didn’t want to be checked by the Israeli police. Since everyone became so upset, was someone “wanted” by the police or more seriously, the IDF?

Several days later an Arab lady asked me as our bus was pulling into the station at Damascus Gate: “Where are you from and welcome to Palestine”

I responded, “I’m from Denmark and I thought this is Israel.” She responded with a hard look in her eyes: “No, no, all of this land is Palestine.”

I can feel a bit sorry for them as they are being used and trapped in this evil game by a completely corrupt and evil leadership that does not have their interests or concerns at heart beginning with Yassir Arafat, other than to just keep them poor and enslaved like prisoners in this twisted and evil game toward the Jewish people, thus also spewing the lie of occupation and apartheid every other minute…

The amount of dollars that have been poured into the hands of the PA leadership is horrendous and beyond belief. Just imagine if that money was used for the people, all the good it would have done, but instead the leaders are stealing it and paying of terrorists while screaming about apartheid.

The PA authority is attacking people speaking up against them, throwing them in jail and torturing them and in some case killing them, just like it happened to Nizar Banat last year, allowing no freedom for their own people.

I was at the Damascus Gate one day with more than 500 Arabs waving Palestinian flags and scarves while screaming “Viva Palestine!” They were also protesting about the ban of some schoolbooks. Lots of media personnel were around and broadcasting live, but all of it was strictly Arab media… I could only imagine what spin they would give in their news broadcast.

I took a lot of photos and videos to document this, the atmosphere was stifling by anger and hate energized the people in that place. But yet, Israel is a democracy so this demonstration was of course allowed.

Arab children are repeatedly told they are entitled to this land and the Jewish people are enemies. In addition, they are told one day they will have their own state AFTER the Jews are eliminated! What they are being taught in schools about Israel is horrendous, Israel doesn’t even exist on their maps, it is all “Palestine.” I can understand why some books would be banned.

I was at the Mount of Olives with a friend on a day when riots had broken out on the Temple Mount and Arabs hurled stones at the police. While we were there, we ran into several news crews who were broadcasting. We ​approached one of them and I asked two men, “Is this Israeli TV??

He looked right into my eyes while saying: “You know you are not in ​Israel; this is Palestine!!!” I thought he was joking, but then he said; “This is Al Jazeera news.”

At that moment, it all made sense, so I replied by looking straight into his eyes: “NO, THIS IS ISRAEL!!!”

That did not make him smile at all, I was ready to fight him in defense of Israel! However, my friend interrupted when she walked over and asked: “What is going on, why is this TV crew here??” She did not hear the first part of my conversation with these men.

The other man then replied: “They are reporting about actions earlier today when Jews were caught throwing stones at the police.

Yep, that is what he said, a flat out lie… But that is what they were broadcasting to the rest of the Arab world. We left them after I took their picture and we went on to the Knesset to watch a debate going on there. When we arrived, those same journalists we met earlier were sitting in the press lounge, how about that.

But hey, Israel is a democracy and everyone can be here and say what they want, even when propaganda is told about Israel.

One day I saw an English-speaking TV crew taping an interview with the manager of a business next door and because they were out on the balcony, I could hear pieces of their conversation. He was telling them a story with words and phrases like, “Israel is practicing racism and apartheid, our children are being harassed at the check points.”

He stated that he does not carry any weapons but instead uses his business as his ‘resistance’ against the occupation and ‘evil occupiers’ of ‘his’ land.” The whole time he was just laughing while putting on this huge show of propaganda, the news lady just swallowed it all like a hungry lion, whole and raw.

Several years ago, I met a very nice Jewish man selling flowers in Haifa, I told him what I am doing, trying to be a small voice speaking the truth out of Israel about Israel…

He nearly started to cry as he said, “I didn’t think Israel had any friends in the world anymore. We are forced to give up more and more land; it is just like salami, being sliced up piece by piece… Some day we will be gone and it will all be Palestine, that is their goal for us.”

I then met the mother of Gilad Shalit and held her hands while her son was still a prisoner of Hamas; it was breaking my heart to look into her eyes and see the pain that was so deep. What should I say that could possibly help her?? What other nation has to endure things like this, besides Israel?

What about the Israeli civilians held captive for years in Gaza, why isn’t world leaders condemning that, demanding their release, oh I forgot, they are busy condemning Israel for building houses in Judea and Samaria.

I know of no other nation whose people suffer such constant injustice. Where else in the world is building a house or settling in your own land creating an “International Crisis?!”

Let me end by saying this, over the years while living in Israel, I have had my fair share of x-rays, MRI, CT scan and even surgery in one of the big hospitals in Jerusalem. In many of these cases I was getting treated by Arabs.

Doctors, nurses, assistants, the list goes on. They were all very nice and competent people, Jews and Arabs working side by side, just like in the army, navy, police and so on. .

Every time I’m in the post office, I’m sitting amongst Jews and Arabs and often I’m being serviced by Arab workers. Yesterday, I was in the big shopping center in Jerusalem and the three young girls who were working in the beauty shop where I was doing my shopping were all Arabs.

Israel is a strong, beautiful and mighty democracy with Christians, Jews and Arabs living together. The Arabs are represented in the Israeli Parliament in several different parties, some of these politicians are actually leaving the room when Israel’s national anthem is played and they visit and support Palestinian terrorists while they are earning a lot of money every month from being a Parliament member.

There is absolutely no form of apartheid in the Jewish State, many Arabs’ livings in Israel are happy and don’t want to live under the corrupt PA leadership and certainly not under Hamas’s terrorist rules, but it’s another story for many Palestinians who want “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

I have been in Israel for several years now combating lies such as “Israelis are bad people, they steal land from Palestinians,” or “They are occupying OUR land since Israel is an apartheid state and Palestinians have no rights”

It has opened my eyes to clearly see how well the Palestinian propaganda machine is working to undermine the government and people of Israel and unfortunately, they are so well funded, it’s unbelievable and even more sad, thus being able to spread the lie of “apartheid Israel” to the entire world.

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