Prominent ‘rabbis’ accused of being ‘Whores’ to Pharmaceutical Industry and it’s a ‘sign of Messiah’s arrival’

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February 3, 2022

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In a scathing email, Rabbi Chananya Weissman accuses some of Israel’s most prominent rabbis of being ‘whores’ of the Health Ministry for instructing the Nation of Israel to get the covid shot while ignoring potentially deadly side effects. 

A place of prostitution

Rabbi Weissman takes it a step further explaining that spiritual leaders prostituting themselves is actually an ominous sign of the Messiah’s imminent arrival. He backs up his assessment by writing that according to the Mishna, the gathering place of the rabbis will become a place of prostitution. He references the last Mishna in Sotah.

Rabbi Chananya Weissman (courtesy: screenshot)

In the original video, which was posted in 2021, many of Israel’s prominent rabbis can be seen using (or attempting to use) the Torah and other Jewish sources to justify taking the covid vaccine. In his letter, Rabbi Weissman examines the ‘Biblically-inspired’ argument in favor of the Pfizer vaccine and exposes what he sees as complete fallacies of which in his opinion should strip them of their rabbinical title. Rabbi Weissman bases his findings on a presentation made by an Israeli rabbi, Rabbi Shalom Barel, whose Hebrew presentation exposed the Biblical falsehoods of the pro-vaccine rabbis.

False prophets

One Rabbi David Amran admitted that he didn’t know if there was a connection between the vaccines and death but still insisted that everyone needs to take it.

Another rabbi was accused of being a false prophet after claiming that God himself spoke to him directly saying that “there is no cure in the world and there will be no cure.” Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi also claimed that God placed an actual angel in the Health Ministry and said to listen only to what the Health Ministry says. Ironically, Ben Artzi said not to listen to what rabbis or even judges say but only to the Ministry of Health – a statement that flies in the face of the teachings of the Torah.

Even if it paralyzes you

Another rabbi, rabbi Ayal Amrami, said that if the top rabbis order you to get the vaccine, you must do it without – “even if it paralyzes you.” He bases his statement on the notion since Rabbi Kanievsky, Israel’s most authoritative rabbi said to take the vaccine, we must do so without asking questions – statement that also contradicts basic Torah teachings. The Talmud is a collection of books involving debates between rabbis. It should be noted that Rabbi Kanievsky was never given the opportunity to hear an opposing view on the covid vaccine.

Thou shalt not ask questions

A different rabbi, Ben Zion Mutzafi, refused to even listen to a question challenging the vaccine. Meanwhile Rabbi avid Yosef, son of former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef displayed his ignorance by claiming that he’s never once heard opposition to the jab saying: “I never heard anyone say that one shouldn’t take the vaccine…. I didn’t hear one expert talk against the vaccine..”

“They are evil”

Rabbi Weissman concluded his scathing letter calling upon the Nation of Israel to understand that they are at war and that these rabbis, who he says belong to the Mixed Multitude, should be replaced with true Jewish leadership saying:

“I will conclude by once again referencing the words of Chazal in the last Mishna of Sotah, that in the generation in which Moshiach comes the gathering place of the rabbis will become a place of prostitution. There is no chance that these “rabbis” studied the Torah thoroughly and arrived at these conclusions honestly and independently. This is why, on the rare occasions one can even approach them, they react with deceit and malice. They are getting paid to corrupt the Torah and mislead the people.

They are whores. They are evil.

There is no mitzva to respect them. On the contrary, it is a mitzva to expose them for the charlatans that they are and banish them from our midst. We are a holy nation. The Torah commands us to learn, understand, and be able to discern truth from falsehood. One does not need to be a towering scholar to discern that these people are phonies. They are getting rewarded to corrupt the Torah and lead Jews to destruction (though perhaps some of them are so wicked that they do it for pleasure).

This is not a time to be humble and defer to authority. This a war for our physical and spiritual survival. We must not be afraid. We must speak out, rid ourselves of these Erev Rav moles, and establish true Jewish leadership – with fear of Hashem, and Torah as our law”.


In December, Israel365 News reported that 93 Israeli doctors petitioned against the covid vaccine for children saying “haste is from the Devil.”




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