Unemployment Benefits for Self-Employed Israelis Fails to Pass for 7th Time

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December 2, 2021

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The Israeli parliament voted down a new law that was proposed last month. The law would have extended unemployment benefits to Israelis that are either self-employed or subcontractors – many of whom suffered during the lockdowns. The law failed to pass by just one vote, with 55 against and only 54 in favor.


This vote marked the seventh time in the past five years that such an effort to extend the compensation package failed to pass.


Fully employed Israelis were entitled to a temporary leave of absence while collecting unemployment benefits during the covid lockdowns. The self-employed, however, were denied such benefits. This has sent many Israeli small business owners and contractors further into debt. Many don’t know how they’ll be able to feed their family or where their next meal will come from. 


Thankfully, there are organizations like Colel Chabad.

Colel Chabad locates families hardest hit by the plague of poverty and provides them with the means needed to buy food.


The organization provides basic staples for poverty-stricken Israeli families suffering from food insecurity. More importantly, this holy organization is currently experiencing record numbers of Israeli families affected by the covid lockdowns – among them, the self-employed.

Making matters worse,  tightening global supply lines makes the process of shipping fruits, vegetables, and other vital foods more complicated and more expensive.


Can you spare a donation to help an Israeli family in need?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ please donate whatever you can to Colel Chabad Today!

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