Australia builds COVID camps for ‘new class of lepers – the unvaccinated’

Instruct the Israelites to remove from camp anyone with an eruption or a discharge and anyone defiled by a corpse.




(the israel bible)

November 23, 2021

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Almost two years into the pandemic, COVID measures are increasing beyond any reasonable expectations with quarantine camps in Australia and legally mandated universal vaccinations.

The new measures are extreme, reminding some of the country’s history of leper colonies. One person tweeted an article in which an epidemiologist wrote that the COVID quarantine facilities would be “used for a new class of lepers – the unvaccinated.”

“Yes, they actually wrote that,’ Bernie Spofforth tweeted. “At this point your Government funded media are excusing human rights atrocities,” adding “They will never be forgiven.”

The comparison was not lost on the professional straff. Mount Gambier hospital opened a COVID triage tent at the entrance to its emergency room for mandatory testing before treatment. Patients who test positive would be admitted to a separate ward. The executive director of medical services Dr. Elaine Pretorius noted the separation.

“We don’t want to treat people with COVID like lepers, and we would never do that,” Dr Pretorius said. “But we do want to manage them in a safe way.”

One rabbi sees this as an ungodly determination to replace God.

Australia: Quarantine camps

Australia is setting up COVID-19 quarantine camps for unvaccinated travelers. A 1,000-bed facility is located in the Damascus Barracks at Pinkenba, Brisbane and a similar facility is being built in Toowoomba. Two more facilities were established in Australia’s Northern Territory. More facilities are being constructed as plans are made to use them for Australians returning from overseas as well as unvaccinated citizens traveling between sections of the country. This includes travelers who have only received two doses of the vaccine. Unvaccinated Australians are not permitted to leave the country and unvaccinated Australian citizens are not permitted to enter the country. Non-Australians, even those who are fully vaccinated, are currently prohibited from entering the country. Domestic travelers must also undergo a two week quarantine, despite 56% of Australians being fully vaccinated. 

The quarantine facilities are also for non-travelers who have come in close contact with the infected; 14 days for the unvaccinated and seven days for the vaccinated. 

People in the quarantine facilities are restricted to their rooms and are supervised by “officers”. They are tested three times over the course of 12 days. Visitors are prohibited as are care packages, personal goods or meal deliveries.

Accommodations are single rooms though some facilities have limited ability to house families in shared rooms.

Vaccinations are required for some professions and several hundred public servants have been fired. The unvaccinated are prohibited from public events as well as many businesses and restaurants. Lockdowns are frequent and extreme.

The national average shows that over 57% of the population is fully vaccinated. Victoria, the second-most populous state with a quarter of Australia’s 25 million people, has an 87% vaccination rate and has endured six COVID-19 lockdowns totalling nearly nine months.

The Aboriginal population has a much lower vaccination rate with just 46.7 percent over the age of 16 being fully vaccinated, presenting special difficulties for health authorities.. “Some Aboriginal communities’ sociocultural practices may place them at higher risk of transmission because they involve mobilisation and participation in communal cultural activities,” a health announcement stated. 

This is despite Australia having just under 190,000 infections and 1,591 deaths, far fewer than most developed countries. 

Austria: Vaccination to be a legal requirement

Other places around the world are still in the throes of deepening pandemic restrictions. Last week Austria became the first European country to make Covid vaccination a legal requirement, with the law due to take effect in February. About 65% of Austria’s population is vaccinated. In the meantime, Austria has returned to a full national lockdown, the fourth since the pandemic began. Austrians have been asked to work from home and all non-essential businesses have been shut down until December 12, at which time the situation will be reassessed.  Schools remain open but parents have been asked to keep their children at home. 

The measures have met with massive popular resistance with tens of thousands of people protesting with occasional violence breaking out. Protests have also broken out in other countries like Croatia and Denmark.  Guadeloupe has seen three days of looting and vandalism over a mandatory vaccine order for health workers coupled with rising fuel prices.

Germany has been considering similar measures. The Netherlands is under a three-week nationwide partial lockdown, forcing restaurants to shut earlier and banning fans at sports events. The Czech Republic and Slovakia also banned unvaccinated people from some shops and services, including pubs, from Monday.

Rabbi Berger:Conspiracy theories coming true

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, noted that these measures, as well as the public reactions, had all been predicted.

“When the pandemic began less than two years ago, people who predicted camps and forced inoculations were called conspiracy theorists,” Rabbi Berger said. “They were told that such actions would be too extreme, unnecessary and certainly not permitted legally. And here we are, seeing those very things happening. And the people who object are called extreme.”

“The people who do this have set up science as a god that cannot be questioned and knows no boundaries. They do not acknowledge, do not want to see, that the real master over man’s body and soul is God. The Torah acknowledges this.”

“Tsaraath, usually translated as leprosy, was a disease of the soul that was expressed as a disease of the body. Until the Kohen ‘diagnosed’ the person, he was not considered to be sick. And when he was, he was sent out from the camp. The Sages teach us that Tzaraath was caused by lashon hara (speaking libel). Being separated from the Congregation of Israel was part of the healing process, healing the soul and then the body.”

“These camps and the lockdowns are separating people from each other when what we really need is to come together. That is what the demonstrations are; people coming together and shouting that they need their fellow man. This is the precursor to everyone coming together and acknowledging that God is One and His name is One, just as we did when we were one camp in the desert.”

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