Testimonies from Israel, Against All Odds

November 23, 2021

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There he was, cutting weeds on my bike path. In order to avoid hitting him, I pulled hard to the left, causing me to crash my bike.

I went smack down on the asphalt with my leg crushed into a stone. The pain was horrible; it all happened so fast. I got up quickly because teenagers were looking at me, and I felt embarrassed. Acting instinctively, I got back on my bike and headed to the laundromat to pick up my laundry. Only when I returned to my building and climbed the stairs to my second-floor apartment did I notice that blood had gushed out of my knee and had turned my khaki pants red with blood.

Fast forward eighteen years and it’s a chilly day in Jerusalem. I’m sitting among moving boxes trying to find a new apartment, thinking about my life in Israel and how I got here.

In 2003, I heard about an amazing trip to Israel. It was for the holiday of Succot with a large group of Israel-loving Danes. I felt that God spoke in a clear voice directly to my heart that this trip was for me, that He had something very special in store for me. I signed up and waited with great anticipation.

Ten days prior to departure, I had a sudden sense that I needed to start packing my suitcase. It was an intense, urgent feeling that I could not shake so I started packing immediately. It turned out to be heavenly ordained. Exactly seven days before I was to travel, I had that violent bike crash and ended up in the emergency room.

I could not walk on my knee. It was swollen, bruised and bleeding from cuts and scrapes. I cried telling the doctors and nurses that I was supposed to go on a trip to Israel in exactly one week. My heart sank when I saw them exchange looks; clearly they thought that I could not go on my trip.

Due to the severity of my condition, a knee specialist was called in to examine me and to perform x-rays. Nothing was broken, but I knew from the look on the specialist’s face that something was clearly wrong with my knee.

I received crutches and a brace and was told to rest up. The decision of whether or not to travel to Israel was going to be up to me.

My beloved mother brought me to her house to take care of me because I was in severe pain, my apartment was on the second floor, I could not walk nor climb the stairs. It was a devastating situation.

The week before departure was filled with doubt, pain, wonder, and many tears. I spent hours in prayer and I had many people praying for me as well. My grandparents came to visit me one night and my grandmother sat at my bedside wiping my tears away and praying to God to perform a miracle on my knee so that I would be able to travel to Israel.

I ultimately decided that nothing should keep me away from the Holy Land, which meant that my mother had to go to my home to finish packing my suitcase. Finally, things made sense as to why God had told me to start packing early as my packing was nearly complete when my mother had to finish up.

On the day of departure, my mother and I had to take a train for five and a half hours from our home to the airport. My knee was throbbing badly and I was travelling without crutches or a brace. I was traveling completely on a leap of faith.

The plane ride was grueling. There was no room for me to stretch my leg on the flight, but eventually we arrived in Israel. It was only my second visit to the Holy Land. Hand on my heart, the first two to three days I was in excruciating pain. I had a difficult time even walking on my leg.

I had a very hard time enjoying anything, despite the fact that we stayed in a lovely kibbutz hotel with palm trees right down to the Sea of Galilee. At one of our gatherings, it was mentioned that I had knee problems. Some of the ladies prayed for God to heal my knee, which moved me deeply.

The same thing transpired the following day, and I must say ALL glory to God for answering prayer. Day by day I experienced more freedom of movement in my leg and I began to be able to walk more and more. The pain had not completely disappeared, but it was endurable. On that trip we walked a great deal as there were many places to see, and I’m proud to say that I walked almost as much as the others.

It was during the time of Succot and we participated in the Jerusalem March together with thousands of other people celebrating in the Jewish capital. I almost felt as if I was being carried forward, walking the streets of Jerusalem wearing red and white, the Danish colors. .

Among other things, we attended the Feast of Tabernacle hosted by the International Christian Embassy. The opening night took place in a beautiful amphitheater. We had to walk up a lot of stairs in order to get a seat. I knew that was impossible for me, so I prayed quietly: Lord, lead me to a seat without stairs.

Imagine my great surprise and joy when I was placed at the front row among VIPs, sitting next to Malcolm Hedding, head of the Christian Embassy. I have no idea why I was singled out to get that seat. I can only say that God certainly paved the way for me.

God was with me and I had a great journey despite the difficulty with my knee.

Only a few days after returning to Denmark, I was standing at the bedside when my beloved grandfather, my mentor and my hero, passed away. He had slipped into a coma and I never got to talk to him after returning from Israel.

My heart was broken. My grandparents were strong lovers of Zion, supporting and praying for Israel every day, but they never made it to the Holy Land. I can honestly say that I am the result of those prayers by living in Israel and speaking up for the Holy Land every day. I can’t wait to be reunited with them when my time is up; there is so much I have to tell them.

During the week of my grandfather’s passing and funeral, my knee pain was acting up again and I was really asking God to help and strengthen me. The following week, I was back in the hospital for a new examination. The specialist said, “Jane, you need surgery as soon as possible.”

I remember waking up in the recovery room asking the nurse how bad the damage was. She looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, Jane. It was bad but the surgeon will come and give you the details.” My heart dropped.

My injuries included a torn meniscus, cartilage and mucous sacs were destroyed and my posterior cruciate ligament was badly damaged.

The doctor looked at me, took a deep breath and said, “Jane, despite your young age, you now have a very injured knee. How on earth have you been walking on this leg for several weeks? It should not be possible at all! Tell me you didn’t travel to Israel on that leg!”

I sat speechless in my hospital bed, crying. Crying because my knee was damaged. Then it dawned on me that everything I had done in Israel had been physically impossible. It was nothing short of a miracle that I was able to go on that trip and walk as much as I did. According to the doctor, each step had actually been a miracle.

I was completely overwhelmed by God’s goodness towards me. He knew exactly what injuries I was traveling to Israel with. I had stepped out in faith and boarded that plane while I could barely walk. He honored that and shielded my knee in order to grant me an unforgettable trip, and an even bigger testimony of how good He is and that nothing is impossible for Him.

(Let me just ad that years earlier, I had two surgeries in my other knee)

I was now mourning the loss of my beloved grandfather while I was recovering from major knee surgery. It was a very painful time.

My mom has been the leader of a prayer group for Israel for more than thirty years. That group went on a trip to Israel in 2007 and I went along. We traveled all over beautiful Israel. While on the trip, two things happened that changed things for me.

I got some very bad sunburns on my face which was very painful..

One day, we were visiting Maale Aduminm everything was so very emotional for me. Sitting in the bus afterwards going back to our hotel in Ariel, I felt tears dripping down on my hands. I realized that I was crying. In a very clear voice, I heard God saying to me, “I will bring you back to this nation.”

I knew once again that I had a defining moment and that evening, our group had a gathering. I chose to share what had happened and they all prayed for me, asking God to reveal in His time what it meant.

The burns on my face turned out to be very serious. I was on sick leave for an entire year. Every month I had laser treatment in which the doctor burned away my damaged skin. It was excruciatingly painful and I looked like I had gone several rounds against Mike Tyson. After having twelve treatments for an entire year, I finally said STOP!

My face still had serious burns, but I simply could not continue. The pain was too much. I prayed, “God, please heal my face.”

During that year, I was crying out to God saying: “What is my destiny? What do you want me to do with my life? What is it about Israel and me that I feel you have spoken about? What does it mean that you confirmed that my place is in Israel? How do I—in a practical way—go about this?”

With the burns in my face and with my injured knees, I actually didn’t feel I could go to Israel…

A book was placed in my hands written by a Danish lady called Lydia Prince called Appointment in Jerusalem, so I sat on my couch and didn’t get up until I had finished that entire book with tears running down my face!

Lydia was born in 1890 in North Jutland, at the northern tip of Denmark, only 1 hour and 15 min from my home town.

Lydia became a teacher in the state school system of Denmark and was a pioneer in the field of home economics. By 1925, she had obtained a post as director of home economics in a large new school in the town of Korsor.

While seeking more meaning for her life, she started reading the Bible and had a personal faith in God. She was having dreams about men in back clothes and black hats but didn’t know who they were until someone told her the men had to be Jews.

She prayed a lot about that and became convinced that God was asking her to give up her position as a teacher and go to Jerusalem in the tumultuous days before Israel became a nation. In October 1928, at the age of thirty-eight, she set out for Jerusalem with about $200 in traveler’s checks, no one to support her, and no idea of what she was to do when she arrived. (Sounds just a bit like Jane Kiel)

She soon established herself in Israel and founded a children’s home, becoming the cherished “mother” to dozens of orphans—mainly girls, eight of whom became her own children. She later married famous speaker Derek Prince. She stepped out in faith, walking into unknown territories in Israel. She lived here during the war up until Israel’s rebirth in 1948.

You can read about her in the famous book, Appointment in Jerusalem.

God used the testimony of Lydia Prince to speak to me about leaving everything behind and travel alone, like Lydia, to come and comfort God’s people in Israel.

God gave confirmation upon confirmation that Israel was where my future would be. One of my best friends, who knew nothing about all of this, called me one day while I was praying about these things and simply said, “Are you on your way to Israel? Because I’m praying for you and I see all of these palm trees and feel such warmth.” I nearly fell out of my chair.

God also gave me the scripture in which he told Abraham to leave his land, together with other events which resembled my situation. So, I stepped out in faith in 2010, sold everything I had, and arrived in Israel on a tourist visa with one suitcase, not knowing anything about anything. All I knew was that God told me to GO!

In the years that followed, I had a couple of layovers in Denmark because of visa issues. I had to give up an apartment three times and had to sell my things to make my way back to Israel because I knew there was something I had to do. It was such hard work every time. It has been an exceedingly long road for me to step out in complete faith time after time before I settled in Israel. Only years later did I become known as Jerusalem Jane, Danish blogger and advocate for Israel.

I have countless testimonies of divine meetings, appointments from my time living in Israel. They all come when I’m stepping out of my comfort zone (honestly, I haven’t had one since I arrived here).

What I’m saying is that there have been so many obstacles, events, accidents, people and traumas trying to prevent me from becoming Jerusalem Jane, one of the only non-Jewish voices coming out of Israel. Someone who speaks the truth against hurricanes of lies, BDS, and propaganda against Israel that are so well funded.

I have reported about every single terrorist attack in Israel while living here because I know that you will not hear about it from the mainstream media. We just had 2 terrorist attacks, two police officers were stabbed in the Old City and days later, a Hamas terrorist shot a young Jewish man and injuring 4 others..

Let me end by sharing this, Years later I’m in a cemetery in Jerusalem that I had stumbled into. I found myself standing at Derek Prince’s gravesite, I made a video speaking about what a huge impact Lydia Prince has had on my life. I told how her story encouraged and helped me to step out in faith and leave everything and everyone behind in Denmark.

It just so happened that Tikva, Lydia’s adopted daughter, saw that video and it deeply moved her. She reached out to me through a friend that sent me an email, and two days later, I arranged a video chat with Tikva.

When I received the email that Tikva would like to speak to me on the phone, I cried all day. I have never thought for a minute that I would get a chance to talk to Tikva, the daughter of the woman who literally changed my life. We spoke for an hour and a half on a video chat.

It was deeply moving, and she said, “Jane, you walked into that cemetery and stood next to Derek Prince’s grave because God wanted you to meet me.”

And she said, “The same way God sent Lydia Prince to Israel, God sent you and he is using you mightily.”

I was able to share with Lydia and her dear friends just how God spoke to me about travelling to Israel, my work, the long and incredible journey it has been and how the story keeps getting more and more important as things are heating up around Israel.

This was such an encouragement for me, another steadfast confirmation that God literally did take me out of Denmark to come to Israel and comfort His people.

There have been so many terror attacks, so many broken hearts and shattered families. My heart is breaking over and over and I’m mourning with Israel as a funeral will take place later today, burying another son of Israel, killed just for being Jewish, gunned down in the streets of The Old City..

It is painful to breathe and watching how Palestinians are glorifying the despicable Hamas terrorist who murdered this young Jew, handing out candy in the streets because yet another Jew is murdered is demonic evil and we must speak out against it..

I will never give up or be silent, for such a time as this we need to be bolder and better speaking up for Gods Holy Land.

I would appriciate your prayers and support for me and my work which is not easy, doing all of it alone. I had started doing videos with a powerful voice belonging to Ari Fuld until one day, I had to announce his death, killed in a terror attack. I was crushed, it broke me.

But there is only one way, forward, getting up and move every day even though my heart never gets to heal before the next henious terror attack happens.. In the midst of it all, God is my rock and strength.

Against all odds!

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