Biden administration officials in Israel instructed to stay away from Temple Mount

In the days to come, The Mount of Hashem‘s House Shall stand firm above the mountains And tower above the hills; And all the nations Shall gaze on it with joy.




(the israel bible)

November 22, 2021

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The US State Department issued a security alert on Sunday following a deadly terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City. The alert instructed US government employees and their families stationed in Israel not to visit the Old City of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is at the center of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The announcement came after Sunday’s deadly terrorist shooting attack adjacent to the Western Wall. The State Department’s alert ordered US government employees as well as their families to avoid going to the Old City of Jerusalem while calling on all US citizens in Israel to ‘remain vigilant’.

“As security incidents often take place without warning, U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness” the statement read.  ”Due to recent security incidents in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, U.S. government employees and their family members have been advised to avoid the Old City until further notice.”

The State Department also issued a brief condemnation of Sunday’s shooting attack.

“We strongly condemn the terrorist attack today by a Hamas gunman in Jerusalem’s Old City, which killed one person and injured others. We offer our condolences to the victims and their families,” the State Department wrote in a statement.

Among the attack victims was Eli Kay, was a South African Citizen from Johannesburg that made Aliyah to Israel a few years ago.

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