Testimonies from Israel, Meeting Yassir Arafat

November 15, 2021

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Terrorist leader Yasser Arafat looked straight at me. He passed so close to me that my Israeli flag touched the top of his car. At that moment, I felt a shift inside of me. I knew from that day forward my life would never be the same.

Growing up in a Christian family in a small town in Denmark, I had relatives who saved the lives of Jews during the Second World War by hiding them on their farm. Nazis came several times searching for Jews, but never found them. I know God, through my family, sheltered and saved them.

I think God looked kindly on Denmark for stepping up during the war and saving the lives of so many Jews, including what my family did. But years later, May 28th 2001, Danish TV announced that Yasser Arafat, the PA leader at that time, would arrive in Denmark as an official guest of Denmark’s foreign minister.

Arafat was to be welcomed as a “head of state,” with the red carpet rolled out, in the Parliament. As a Dane, I was horrified and knew something had to be done!

I was 29 years old at the time. I knew what the Bible says about God’s promises to Israel, and I know God gave this land to the Jewish people. I also knew that Arafat was a well-known terrorist, not a head of state or a president. Unfortunately, that was exactly how he would be received by the Danish parliament. So, my dear mother, Hanna and I knew in our hearts that Arafat shouldn’t visit Denmark without someone standing proudly with Israel and showing the Star of David..

We traveled six hours by train to Copenhagen and went to the Danish parliament where Arafat was set to arrive shortly. The police were everywhere. We brought two huge Israeli flags and walked up the stairs to the big front door of the Parliament. We rolled out the flags and stood there quietly. The flags were like magnets; all the policemen turned their heads and stared at us.

When a group of American tourists passed by, they saw us with the Israeli flags. They started cheering, giving us thumbs up, applauding and taking pictures. It was totally awesome to see their support for Israel, too.

Standing there quietly at the entrance to the Danish parliament with two huge Israeli flags waiting for terrorist Yasser Arafat, I felt like a spotlight from heaven beamed straight down upon us, we both had chills down our spine. My mother and I felt that something was watching us not see with the natural eye, something both good and evil.

I have never in my life done something like that, where I felt like, for this moment I was created, in a small way to make a difference. (Singing The Shema on The Temple Mount many years later came close to this, also make revealing videos of the horrible harassment by Muslims towards Jews visiting their Holy site, which led to threats upon my life)

Back in Copenhagen, a policeman came up to us saying, “What are you ladies doing?” My mother answered, “We are just standing here with our flags,” and I added, “This is a free country, so we can stand here, right?!” The policeman smiled and said, “Arafat is an official guest. You can’t stand here with your flags.”

He showed us out to the street and another policeman came as soon as he saw the flags. My mother told him that we didn’t mean to cause any problems. We just wanted Arafat to see the flags while passing by. We talked for a while, and it turned out that he also thought it was wrong to have Arafat visiting Denmark. He stood by the Israelis in the Middle East conflict. He was very nice, he showed us from which direction Arafat would arrive, so we could stand in the right spot.

When we finished talking to the policeman, a young man came up to us and said, “Why are you standing with my flag?” He was a Jew living in Copenhagen. I answered, “We just want Arafat to see these flags as he passes by, we love Israel.”

He got tears in his eyes and had trouble speaking but managed to say, “Every time I see my flag, it’s because someone is burning it” He thanked us for standing up for his nation and said if he hadn’t been on his way to a meeting, he would join us. It was deeply touching. My mother and I were both brought to tears.

It started to rain, the closer Arafat’s motorcade came, the more the rain started pouring down. While waiting, an old man stopped by, looked at us and said, “Well done ladies, make sure Arafat sees the flags,” and gave us a big smile.

Then, the first of a long line of cars approached. We stood as close to the road as possible. All of a sudden, a wind came and grabbed the flags. They blew beautifully as Arafat and his caravan passed by. One of the drivers almost had an accident when he saw the flags (I guess he didn’t see that coming — two women with Israeli flags standing in the pouring rain).

The atmosphere–the dark and heavy rain clouds–the only way I can describe how it felt with Arafat arriving was pure evil, plain and simple.

Arafat went into the Parliament, and so did we, to escape the rain. A security guard came over to us, and I said, “We just had to show Arafat these flags.” He looked at us and said, “If I could, I would stand with you. Receiving Arafat here is not right.”

Back out on the street, we were joined by Hanne Nielsen, a good friend of ours and shortly after Arafat passed by. This time he came out another way that led him right our way. Police held back all traffic, keeping a very close eye on us while the motorcade passed by. They were so close they drove right under our flags.

I looked Arafat straight in the eye when he passed us. He definitely saw the flags. The car after Arafat’s was carrying his team, when they saw the flags, one of them gave us the finger, I couldn’t stop laughing, it said all about them, pathetic..

Arafat left the country the same day and we knew that when he thought about his visit to Denmark, he would always remember that he saw the Star of David in the streets of Copenhagen. That even though the government received him, two women did not agree to his visit and travelled six hours by train to stand alone in the pouring rain to show support for Israel. I wish there had been thousands of Danes standing with us.

It’s difficult to describe the feelings involved that day, but I can say it was a defining moment in my life. I felt the evil as this “Palestinian leader” and his entourage arrived. If I didn’t know it already, after that day I knew for sure when it comes to Israel, you truly are touching the Apple of His eye. It’s a battle between good and evil.

That day started my journey towards the Holy Land. The land of the bible which I didn’t know that God had put into my DNA. Here I am years later, sitting between suitcases and moving boxes in my small apartment in Jerusalem, having to find a new home by January 1st, starting the next chapter in my life being known around the world as “Jerusalem Jane,” the lady who left Denmark and arrived in Israel with one suitcase, working alone and doing my best every day to share the truth out of Zion..

When Arafat died, Abu Mazen, a terrorist in a suit, a Holocaust denier took over. Since then, he has been running the failing and corrupt Palestinian Authority, which has not seen an election for more than twelve years, paying half a billion dollars every year to terrorists who murder the Jewish people with the assistance of the UN, EU, and many European donor countries who pour billions into PA coffers.

Meanwhile, every single day Palestinians are teaching their children, in daycare centers, schools, day camps, summer camps, school plays and on television programs for children to kill the Jews because “they occupy Palestine”, a lie invented by Arafat.

That is why seven years ago today, I found myself at the funeral of a young soldier. He was butchered in the streets of Tel Aviv. His name was 1st Sgt. Almog Shiloni, only twenty years old. It was the first funeral of a terrorism victim I attended, standing in the middle of hundreds of family members, friends, and other Israelis crying from deep within their souls.

I remember I took my camera and filmed into a wall. I just recorded the sound of family and friends crying out in deep despair. My heart was shattered completely, it hurt to breathe but I wanted to let the world listen to the cry of a Jewish mother and father mourning the murder of their child.

Since 1948, more than four thousand Israelis have been murdered in terrorist attacks. It is simply unfathomable. I have reported on every single terrorist attack during my time living in Israel. My heart breaks every time a Jew is murdered, my soul is crushed whether it is a shooting, car ramming, stabbing, suicide bombing, or when thousands of rockets are launched from Gaza. 

All of these attacks have left me feeling traumatized and hopeless because I see how the world doesn’t care. But if a Jew is building a home in Judea, the world, including the failing EU and current American administration, are up in arms. At the same time the EU has been funding illegal construction by the PA for many years without complaint. But when it comes to the slaughter of Jewish children, they couldn’t care less.

Muslim terrorist, Muhannad Halabi killed Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Banita, and injured Banita’s wife, Adele, and their 2-year-old son in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday, October 3, 2015.  Abu Mazen ordered the family of that terrorist to be paid more than $40,000 and be given new housing.

Jews are killed because the lie of occupation has been transformed into being “the truth” without people even checking facts. There has never been an independent Arab state of Palestine. Of course, this means that Israel cannot occupy something that never existed.

The Kingdom of Israel was established in 1000 BC and Jews have maintained a continuous presence in the land for over 3,000 years despite multiple expulsions.

Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar told Sky News in an interview that Israel does not have a right to exist since it is located on “occupied territory.” Hamas has fired more than 20,000 rockets into Israel since they took over the Gaza Strip. Gone are the days when Hamas terrorists and flags were only seen in Gaza. Hamas is gaining ground in Judea and Samaria with large gatherings in Jenin and Ramallah, as evidenced by the display of hundreds of Hamas flags in just the last few days. Let’s also not forget that the Temple Mount was defiled by Muslims waving Hamas flags just a few months ago. 

In the month of May, in only 11 days, we had more than 4,300 rockets flying at Israel and we had Jews being lynched in the streets and for the first time rockets were sent towards Israel’s capital, Jerusalem while I have been living here. As the siren went off, I went running to my balcony filming. Afterwards, I started shaking and my blood was cold as ice, earlier that day I had been reporting live from Damascus Gate.

I reported nonstop for two weeks on my social media. I barely slept as people around the world were desperate to hear the truth coming out of this nation. I reached 1.3 million people on a small Facebook page in one week alone. It was a very difficult time and it impacted me profoundly. I haven’t been able to write about it yet, I hope to be able to do that soon.

Let me just share a few comments I received from Muslims:

Another Jewish Holocaust is coming you bloody terrorists Zionist. Remember we would take revenge of our innocent Palestinians. We’re going to crush you like a bug. Just wait another HITLER is on his way to you”.

“Hamas did a great job, I want you to be eliminated from the world”.

“We will finish what Hitler didn’t, Allahu Akbar.”

And yet, people are talking about a two-state solution as if that is what Palestinians want. Meanwhile, they don’t hide their chant of, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

This mantra aligns with the logos of the PLO, Fatah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, which all have 100% of Israel turned into “Palestine.”

That is why 50,000 children are in military boot camps in Gaza every summer, learning to kidnap and kill the Jews, to liberate “Palestine.”

Like I said, it’s a fight between good and evil, light and darkness.

Let me end by sharing this, ten years after facing off Arafat, I was living in Arad and one day while in a meeting with a group of ladies, I shared my testimony about that day.

One lady looked at me deeply shocked and said, “Jane, me and my friends were watching TV in England, and we saw a news report about Arafat being in your parliament and they showed pictures of you and your mom saying, ‘Not everyone in Denmark agrees on Arafat being in their country.’ which made me and my Jewish friends cry. You stood for Israel and the Jewish people against Arafat.

I nearly fell off my chair and I actually started crying hearing those words. What are the chances for me, ten years later, to be in a house in Israel with a lady from England that saw me and my mother on British TV standing against Arafat in Copenhagen?

She said, “I can’t believe that was you Jane, I can’t believe I am meeting you!”

I firmly believe God brought us together because that was such a blessing ten years later for both of us. How about that?

Being interviewed by Israeli and foreign media, I’m often asked what brought me to Israel, that day in Copenhagen facing Arafat was one of things happening in my life that tied my destiny to Israel. I feel the buzz inside to share many more stories from my time in Denmark that brought me to Israel and stories from while living in Israel.

It includes a bike crash sending me to the emergency room just one week before a planned trip to Israel, meeting the mother of a girl who was killed by a suicide terrorist, blessing a female soldier on her birthday, a broken ankle and the enormous joy of knowing I am standing on the right side of facts, truth and history of mighty Israel, Gods Holy Land, there is no place like it.

For now, I need to secure a new home for me to continue my work from the Jewish state. Hopefully I will do just that as there is so much to do and say.. Things will only heat up going into 2022.

Let’s not forget the bigger picture: Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and all of the other enemies of Israel. That is why the IDF is having massive drills all over the nation, preparing for what we all know will come one day.

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