Hamas Widows, Orphans and Ties to the Israeli Coalition

November 4, 2021

4 min read

Given the fact that the Arab-Israeli Ra’am Party is openly Islamist and associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the revelation on Friday evening by Channel 13’s Ayala Hasson that it’s been funneling money into Gaza to finance Hamas “widows and orphans” wasn’t as shocking as it should have been. Nor did it make sufficient waves.

That rival news outlets didn’t wish to pounce on the scoop may be understandable from a commercial standpoint. But had the item been related to a scandal surrounding any member of the opposition—particularly, its leader, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—bolstering the competition wouldn’t have been an editorial concern.

Still, it’s the so-called right-wing flank of the government that in this case deserves derision for not causing the kind of stink that that the exposé warrants.

The story exposed by Hasson, based on an in-depth investigation conducted by the pro-Israel advocacy group Ad Kan and the Choosing Life Forum for bereaved families, was that Ra’am member Razi Issa, who heads an anti-Israel “charity” with direct ties to terrorism—named “48,” after the year of the nakba (“catastrophe”) of Israel’s establishment—has been providing funds to Hamas through the organization. Because Issa was involved in the coalition negotiations relating to Ra’am’s budget, it’s possible that the Israeli taxpayer is unwittingly footing this literal and figurative “bill of goods.”

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