Rabbis push back against the transgender narrative

No Israelite woman shall be a cult prostitute, nor shall any Israelite man be a cult prostitute.




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November 1, 2021

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Gay parade heading to Tamra?

The left-wing narrative that attempts to sanitize society of the concept of gender has crept into Israeli bureaucracy, most recently in Magen David Adom’s blood donations.

MDA: Genderless parents

MDA recently changed the forms donors fill out before donating blood. The forms were used to ask the donors for the names of their “mother” and “father.” The new forms changed the language to “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

 Normally, donating blood is encouraged by rabbis as a selfless act that can save lives. Many yeshivot (Torah institutions) schedule visits by mobile blood donation vehicles. But after the new forms came out, several prominent rabbis came out against the change. Dvir Amar published a report in B’Sheva stating that a letter was sent to the students of Yeshivat (Bible academy) Mitzpe Ramon criticizing the change by MDA as “intentional blurring of the true and healthy idea of family.” Some yeshivot reportedly canceled the blood donation visits by MDA and instructed the students to refrain from donating. 

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva in Jerusalem, addressed the issue in the Srugim news site:

MDA whose purpose is to save lives, should not engage in politics, and endanger lives,” Rabbi Aviner wrote. “Let us hope that their sense of responsibility will overcome these delusions.”

Rabbi Aviner stated that anyone who filled out the forms was “giving legitimacy” to a sin that was first normalized by the Greek culture. 

“Sometimes there is a boy who desires to be a girl or a girl to be a boy,” Rabbi Aviner wrote. “This is a known problem. We were always patient, and over the years, it worked itself out.”

“But now there are psychologists who affirm this tendency and state that sex change will bring happiness. Therefore, the boy is given female hormones that block the growth of the beard and change his voice, and the girls are given male hormones that block the growth of the breasts and encourage the growth of a beard.”

Rabbi Aviner described this approach as “crazy” and as an abomination.

“And later, if that person wants a way back, no. It is no wonder that there is a large percentage of suicides among transgender people,’ Rabbi Aviner said, warning, “Every legitimacy begins with a change of language.”

LGBT and blood donations

MDA also recently changed the section of the form asking if the male donor had sexual relations with another man. Questionnaires will instead include a new clause prohibiting donations from people who “had high-risk sexual relations with a new partner or multiple partners” for three months. Gay men can currently donate blood if a year has passed since their last sexual encounter.

Israel’s policy change follows Britain’s decision in June to allow more gay and bisexual men to donate life-saving blood, and a similar move by the United States last year.

Gender free government forms

This change to gender-neutral forms by the MDA follows a similar process carried out by the Defense Ministry last year at the behest of  Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

“This is a symbolic and important step on our part – the part of the State to recognize the requests of families and their ways of life,” Gantz said at the time. “I have asked all Blue and White ministers to start this work in their ministries, so that we can give all citizens, in all ministries, the sense that they are a part.”

This is a recent global trend as last week, the US State Department issued its first “gender X” passport designed to give “nonbinary”, “intersex”, and “gender-nonconforming” people a marker other than male or female on their travel document. civil rights organization Lambda Legal said its client Dana Zzyym, an “intersex” activist and former Navy sailor, was the recipient. Zzyym was born with ambiguous physical sexual characteristics but was raised as a boy and had several surgeries that failed to make Zzyym appear fully male, according to court filings.

Canada, Germany, Australia, and India, already offer a third gender on documents.

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