Anti-Semitic video ministry: Taliban are Jews in disguise to kill Christians, calls for Christians to join Taliban

No weapon formed against you Shall succeed, And every tongue that contends with you at law You shall defeat. Such is the lot of the servants of Hashem, Such their triumph through Me —declares Hashem.




(the israel bible)

September 3, 2021

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Rick Wiles, a non-denominational senior pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida with a popular online news site called TruNews, is known for promoting racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Despite (or perhaps due to) Wiles’ rabidly anti-Semitic statements, Trunews has over 100,000 followers on Facebook. Wiles has a history of blatant anti-Semitism and was called out for it yet again by Dexter Van Zile of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA).

Van Zile cited a new TruNews video aired on Monday. The video showed a clip in which Glen Beck blamed the US State Dept for obstructing the evacuation of Christians from Afghanistan.  Wiles blamed this on the Jews.

“I will remind you who was in the White House the day the bomb went off in the Kabul Airport,” Wiles said. “It was the Prime Minister of Israel [Naftali Bennet]. He was in the White House and you will just have to just think and put things together. The U.S. government is blocking Christians from escaping Afghanistan. We’re being told Muslims killed the Christians. No, the U.S. State Department killed the Christians. […] The Muslim countries are the ones receiving them in!”

In November 2019, Wiles blamed the Jews for the Democratic Party’s move to impeach President Trump, which he described as a “lynching”. He also warned Christians  that Jews intend to take over the U.S. and “kill millions of Christians.”

Wiles then called on Christians to unite with Jihadists.

“At some point here, Muslims and Christians have got to come together and deal with a common enemy that is trying to pit both of us against each other in a world war and at some point we are going to have to realize who and what this enemy is,” he said.

“Who wants Christians dead? The spirit of anti-Christ. It’s as simple as that,” Wiles continued. “The spirit of anti-Christ. We’re dealing with a very evil, wicked regime and the U.S. State Department is under the control and domination of Satan, what else can you say?”

Ironically (in very many ways), Wiles claimed that the Islamic State (ISIS)  is actually Jews in disguise.

“I’ve said it for a long time,” Wiles said. “I don’t believe there is an ISIS, there’s only the Israeli terror state. The Zionists were dressing up as Muslim Arabs in the 1940s blowing things up. This is not a new trick. […] Thirty-four years later, they write books about it and brag about it.”

“This is an old trick of the Zionists, and Christians, we need to stop falling for this stuff. We were all shocked with last week with the bomb and it didn’t make sense,” he said adding that the fiasco prompts people to ask what Biden is doing.

“It looks like gross incompetence,” Wiles said. “It’s not incompetence. They’re carrying out a plan and that includes the killing of Christians. Who wants to kill Christians? The anti-Christ. It’s as simple as that.”

Van Zile summarized Wiles rant, putting it into context:

“Make no mistake. Rhetoric like this has mobilized violence against Jews for more than 2,000 years, culminating in a mass killing of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust.,” Van ZIle wrote.

Wiles has a long history of bizarre anti-Semitic statements. In January 2020, Wiles labeled the Democrat push to impeach President Trump a “Jew coup.” The video warned Christians  that Jews intend to take over the U.S. and “kill millions of Christians.” At the time, TruNews had over 185,000 subscribers on YouTube and its videos had garnered some 17 million views.

“That’s the way the Jews work, they are deceivers, they plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda,” Rick Wiles said. “This ‘impeach Trump’ effort is a Jew coup and the American people better wake up to it really fast because this thing is moving now toward a vote in the House and then a trial in the Senate. We could have a trial before Christmas. This country could be in civil war at Christmastime. Members of the U.S. military are going to have to take a stand just like they did in the 1860s with the Civil War. They are going to have to decide: are you fighting for the North or the South?”

In February 2020,  YouTube announced they would be permanently banning Trunews for repeatedly violated the website’s rules regarding hate speech.

In March 2020, Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, publicly condemned Wiles of TruNews after he claimrf that the COVID-19 pandemic began at AIPAC and spread through synagogues as a punishment against the Jews.

Wiles specifically attacked Breaking Israel News/Israel365 News, referring to the reporter, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz as a “Kabbalist wizard.”  He stated that Jews are using “witchcraft” to influence President Trump into building the Third Temple, which he called “the devil’s temple.” He also accused prominent evangelical leaders of accepting bribes from Jews to advance their agenda.

Wiles has accused pro-Israel Christians of being in a “marriage with Satan”, accusing John Hagee, Mike Evans, Pat Robertson, and Perry Stone, of the “sin of promoting Zionism.”

Wiles supported Trump but frequently criticized the president for being controlled by the “Jewish lobby,” which he also calls ‘the synagogue of Satan.” He accuses Trump of capitulating to threats on his life made by “the Jewish mafia.” He also blames Jews for pornography and, oddly enough, rap and hip hop, music genres not normally associated with Jewish artists.

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