Torah Codes offer Biblical insight into the terrorist bombing in Kabul

Hashem is good to [those who hope in Him], A haven on a day of distress; He is mindful of those who seek refuge in Him.




(the israel bible)

August 27, 2021

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At least 13 US Marines and 18 US servicemen were wounded in at least two separate terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday. In addition, more than 60 Afghanis were killed and 140 wounded. ISIS in Khorasan, known as ISIS-K, has claimed that an ISIS militant carried out the suicide attack though the US was relying on the Taliban, currently in power, to secure the perimeter of the airport. Immediately after the explosions, gunmen opened fire on service members and civilians, said Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, Centcom Commander.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson (Screenshot)

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a renowned expert in Torah codes, uses special software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah in order to reveal hints that help understand current events. He turned his attention to the horrific terrorist attack in Kabul and succeeded in revealing a hidden message. In his video, Rabbi Glazerson prefaced his statement by saying, “The Torah comes to teach that everything that happens is from God, teaching us that we can always improve our ways. ”

By searching for keywords in connection with the event, Rabbi Glazerson found clues surrounding the thirteenth chapter of Leviticus. The first clue was the word פיגוע (pigua, terrorist attack) near the word טרור (terror). Shockingly, intermingled with the letters spelling out the attack are the letters בקאבול (in Kabul); the location of the attack. 

“God has been bringing many disasters, but they all have a purpose,” Rabbi Glazerson stated. “This is so that everyone will understand and remember that He is God.”

Also intermingled with the word signifying an attack were the letters דאעש (daesh, the Hebrew acronym for ISIS), the terrorist organization that claimed credit for the attack. Nearby was the hidden word טרור (terror). 

Also, the letters תשפא denoting the current (5721) appear twice in the table, explicitly though in reverse as part of the written text in Leviticus 13:23 and again in verse 27. 

Rabbi Glazerson noted that this hints also at the verse in Psalms:

He raises the poor from the dust, lifts up the needy from the refuse heap Psalms 113:7

The Hebrew word for ‘dust’ is “אַשְׁפֹּת”, which also spells out the year 5721. 

“In this year especially we see God lifting up the poor and the needy from terrible situations,” Rabbi Glazerson said. 

The rabbi points out that the particular section of the Torah that reveals this horrific attack is dealing with Tzara’ath, a  disfigurative condition of the skin.

“This is an affliction that was sent to wake people up to serving God,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “So too, the Corona, which also appears in the table (קורונה) connected to the word צרעת (tzara’ath) was sent to wake people up. So too, as horrible as it is, this attack was sent to wake people up. It is all from God.”

The rabbi even found the term דלתא (Delta), the name of the new variant of the Coronavirus that is proving to be even more threatening.

“For the Jews, this is to wake us up to the commandments, especially the Sabbath. For the gentiles, he gave the Seven Noahide Laws, the most severe laws prohibiting homosexuality and abortion. It was for these sins that the world was destroyed in the generation of Noah. Why did the rain fall for 40 days? Because after 40 days, the embryo is considered a person in every respect in Jewish law. So for this sin, the world suffered a corresponding amount.” 

“But democracy allows these sins, even claims they are praiseworthy. This is one of the laws the gentiles are required to keep.”

Significantly, the table ends with a repetition of the word תשובה (tshuva, repentance) crossed and emphasized with the addition of the word אמונה (emunah, belief). 

“There is an intellectual return to God but there is also a practical repentance,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “Simply to keep the commandments. This is the purpose of these events; to wake up the hearts and minds of people to believe in God.”

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