Facebook suspends Israeli that exposed Arabs engaged in Nazi demonstration

For You are not a Hashem who desires wickedness; evil cannot abide with You;




(the israel bible)

August 17, 2021

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Last week, Zvi Sukkoth, the Executive Director of the Otzma Yehudit party, exposed Arabs engaged in a Nazi ceremony. And this week, Facebook responded by suspending his account.

On Saturday night, the Arabs of Beita in Samaria held a public ceremony in which they erected a large Jewish star with a swastika in its center. They proceeded to burn the star and swastika

“In the center of the Jewish State, full-on Nazis not being bothered,” Sukkoth wrote on Facebook. “A village of nazis despicable murderers.”

Sukkoth called to expel the perpetrators. Young boys were seen taking part in the ceremony. 

On Monday, Sukkoth made another post on Facebook.

Zvi Sukkoth, the Executive Director of the Otzma Yehudit party (Facebook/Tzvi Sukkot)

“This is great,” he wrote. “A campaign run by crazy Arabs shut down my Facebook account.”

“Two days ago, I posted about the swastikas in Beita. The village that doesn’t sympathize with me too much. They started a huge campaign against me. They posted detailed instructions on their Facebook page with eighteen thousand followers how to lodge a campaign against my account. The campaign worked and Facebook blocked me for 3 days.”

“Yonatan [Gottlieb], who is a hardworking reporter and also a dear friend, reached out to Facebook spokespersons who reviewed the issue. After the check, Facebook returned my account and actually sent me an apology.”

“Beta Arabs, you have failed here too.”

Arsen Ostrovsky, an international human rights lawyer and political analyst, responded to the Nazi display in the Arab village. 

“No, this is not Charlottesville or Berlin 1930’s.,” Ostrovsky tweeted. “This is group of Palestinians setting fire to a structure in the shape of a Star of David and a swastika near the West Bank town of Beita.”


“This is vile Jew hatred. That there are kids involved, is even more sickening!”


Sukkoth posted a picture of himself and Gottlieb at the town of Evyatar. The Arabs of Beita have been rioting outside the town for several months. The riots include shooting fireworks at IDF troops, throwing rocks, and arson. The violence upscaled in June when the Arabs began burning tires upwind of Evyatar and the troops. Burning tires is a form of chemical warfare forbidden by international conventions. 

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