Right before Shmitah: Fire at entrance of Jerusalem endangering two towns; suspected arson [Watch]

I will send down fire upon Yehuda, And it shall devour the fortresses of Yerushalayim.




(the israel bible)

August 3, 2021

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A large forest fire broke out near the entrance to Jerusalem, closing Highway 1 and forcing the evacuation of 60 families from the towns of Shoresh and Shoevah. The fire covered over 24 acres of woodland, coming within 330 meters of the communities. A summer camp housing 850 teens, a gas station, and a shopping center were also evacuated. 

11 local fire crews were reinforced with 13 firefighting units from other parts of the country. Six firefighting airplanes are currently engaged in efforts to extinguish the fire. 

The fire comes as Israel is experiencing an intense heatwave. The heatwave is expected to continue for another week. Due to the conditions, hikers are banned from forests and campfires are entirely prohibited with fines being imposed for violators. 

Dedi Simchi, the local fire chief, told media that it is believed the fire was started by people rather than the weather. 

“It seems it was not the weather that started the fire, but there is no doubt it is accelerating it and making it bigger,” Simchi told Kan, noting there had been no reports of lightning during the day.

The Jerusalem area suffered several fires in June that were suspected to be arson.


It should be noted that the Shemitta (sabbatical year) begins after Rosh Hashanna at the beginning of September. Jews are forbidden from planting in the Shemmitta so despite the great need in the wake of such destruction, perhaps even intentional arson, it will be difficult to replace the loss of the trees of the forest.

But that is precisely what the Israel365 organization is doing as they scramble to replenish trees that were burned down in the blaze before the Sabbatical year begins. You can help by clicking here.

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