Vines growing on retaining Wall of Temple Mount spell out God’s name (Yehovah)

In the days to come, The Mount of Hashem‘s House Shall stand firm above the mountains And tower above the hills; And all the nations Shall gaze on it with joy.




(the israel bible)

July 13, 2021

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Sometimes, prophetic visions can appear in plain sight and still go largely unnoticed. Such was the case when a post appeared on Tik Tok showing the eastern retaining wall of the Temple Mount, an area bordered by a major thoroughfare.

The ancient stones of Jerusalem host a variety of plant life including the prolific Throny Caper. Batya Vagshal, a religious Israeli woman, was shocked to see that the plants had grown to form the shapes of letters. The letters seemed to be ‘written’ in ktav ashuri, the calligraphy style used in writing sacred texts. Three letters were clearly seen: י (yud), ה (heh), ו (vav). These are, of course, the first three letters in God’s ineffable four-letter name (minus the final ה (heh).

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, ascribed the appearance of the letters to a verse in Deuteronomy:

And all the peoples of the earth shall see that Hashem‘s name is proclaimed over you, and they shall stand in fear of you. Deuteronomy 28:10

“This verse is clearly describing being able to see God’s name in Israel in the end of days,” Rabbi Berger said, explaining that this vision was also described by the Prophet Isaiah:

In the days to come, The Mount of Hashem‘s House Shall stand firm above the mountains And tower above the hills; And all the nations Shall gaze on it with joy. Isaiah 2:2

“God’s name will become visible, undeniably in front of everyone’s eyes, Jews and non-Jews,” Rabbi Berger said. “We have seen in so many ways recently that the ways of nature are no longer sufficient. Nature is now becoming a stage to reveal God’s hidden nature. These are the signs and the wonders that are just a taste of what is to come.”
“It is remarkable that this is appearing just as Israel is preparing to open its borders to tourists. God willing, by the time the tourists from the nations begin to arrive, the final heh will grow in. Very soon, all the nations will be coming to Jerusalem and will be able to see this, something they were not able to do for more than a year.”
Rabbi Berger emphasized that such signs will begin to be more common.
“It is not surprising that bushes will grow and spell out the name of God,” Rabbi Berger said. “The pandemic, all of the recent tragedies, are preparing us to be ready to see the messages that are appearing. Anybody can go outside in the morning and see the Name of God spelled out in clouds, hear it in the wind or the birds’ song. These things were always there but now they are becoming even clearer.”
“This is God’s mercy. It is impossible to see God’s name and not want to repent, to come closer to him. It is difficult to believe but even today, when we see unprecedented events, wonders and tragedies, there are those who refuse to call out to Him.”

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