European Union caught sponsoring event that erases Israel off map

I’ll incense them with a no-folk, Vex them with a nation of fools.




(the israel bible)

June 21, 2021

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The European Union contributes millions of euros every year to the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Education. Included in these donations, is aid for the construction of schools. Instead of turning the schools into safe havens for education and for promoting and fostering peace, the PA uses them as a means to implement its systematic indoctrination of the kids. The Elementary School for Girls in Hawara, built with donations from the European Commission, is just one example.

A recent exhibition in the school highlighted three elements of the PA’s indoctrination:

Glorifying violence:

The picture featured in a dominant place of the exhibit displayed a rocket with “Ayyash 250” written on it. The reference is to one of the 4,300 rockets Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorists fired at Israel in the recent war, indiscriminately targeting Israel’s civilian population.

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Nablus Branch, June 14, 2021]


Erasing Israel’s existence:

Alongside the rocket, was a map of “Palestine” painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag. The map does not limit itself to Gaza and the West Bank. Rather the map covers the entire area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, completely erasing Israel.

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Nablus Branch, June 14, 2021]


The “return” of the so-called Palestinian refugees:

The exhibit itself was dedicated to reinforcing the myth that millions of Palestinians will, one day flood Israel as part of what the Palestinians refer to as the “Right of return”.

The image shows a decoration in the shape of the PA map of “Palestine,” and next to it a key representing the Palestinian refugees’ “right of return.”

Text on sign in bottom right corner: “The procession of freedom –
My homeland is from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River. Our return is near, and we have already begun to pack our belongings.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Nablus Branch, June 14, 2021]

A plaque on the wall of the Hawara Elementary School for Girls shows that it was donated by the EU Commission in cooperation with COOPI, an Italian NGO.

Text on bottom sign in English:

“Funded by ECHO
Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission
Community based activities
In Huwwara Town”


The EU purportedly supports the PA as part of an effort to promote peace between the Palestinians and Israel. Brainwashing children with pictures of missiles, a false reality in which Israel does not exist, and a narrative which will never be realized unless Israel agrees to commit national suicide, does not contribute to peace building efforts.

The fact that this kind of indoctrination is taking place in a EU-funded school should be cause for concern.

As Palestinian Media Watch has documented, the PA’s use and abuse of the Palestinian education system to promote indoctrination and to poison the minds of the Palestinian kids is nothing new. Sadly, glorification of violence, erasing Israel’s existence, perpetuating the myth of millions of so-called “Palestinian refugees” flooding and destroying Israel and many other similar themes are rampant throughout the PA school system. The worrying element in this case, is that these activities are taking part in a school funded by the EU.

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