Oct 27, 2021

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Israeli UN envoy Ron Prosor accused the international community of turning a blind eye to the persecution of Christians and other minorities in Arab countries over the weekend.

“Last year police in Saudi Arabia stormed a Christian prayer meeting and arrested its entire congregation, including women and children… In 2013, three Iranian Christians were caught selling Bibles, found guilty of ‘crimes against state security,’ and sentenced to 10 years in prison,” Prosor said over the weekend.

“Arresting someone for praying is like arresting someone for having lunch. One is feeding its hunger, and the other is feeding its faith,” he was quoted in The Jerusalem Post as saying.

In the face of persecution throughout the region, he added, “there is only one place in the Middle East where minorities have the freedom to practice their faith, to change faiths, or to practice no faith at all — and that is Israel.”

“It’s time for the U.N. Security Council to break its silence on the murder and expulsion of Christians and other minorities in Arab states,” the Israeli ambassador said.

“Since Hamas took over in 2007, half of the Christian community has fled Gaza. After the PA took control of Bethlehem in 1995, Palestinian gunmen seized Christian homes and looted the Church of Nativity. Owing to this persecution, the city’s Christian population fell by nearly 70 percent.”

In addition, Prosor called on the international community to support Kurdish fighters in Iraq, praising them for their courage and stressing their right to political independence.

Earlier, Prosor also warned of the dangers of allowing a Hamas-controlled terrorist state to be established in Judea and Samaria.”The Palestinians want a state without negotiations, without compromise, and without a peace deal,” he said.

“Imagine what a state like that would look like — an extremist Islamist terrorist state. A state that will be funded by Iran, will be armed like Hezbollah in Lebanon, that will be as unstable as Syria and Iraq and as dangerous as the Islamic State.”