Islam expert: Jihad has just been waged in the US and Americans don’t even realize it

He shall be a wild ass of a man; His hand against everyone, And everyone’s hand against him; He shall dwell alongside of all his kinsmen.”




(the israel bible)

June 3, 2021

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The recent conflict between Israel and Gaza jumped to the streets of the US where pro-Palestinian mobs attacked random Jews. An expert in Islam warned that this was just the beginning in which Islam attacked the weakest sector, the Jews, who are historically targeted by the Christian world. The expert warned that this violence, which he defined as a form of jihad, will surely spread and target all non-Islamic sectors of the world.

Jihad USA

Dr. Mordechai Kedar has a deep understanding of the Arab mindset. A senior lecturer on Arabic culture at Bar-Ilan University, he served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic press and mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena. Fluent in Arabic, he is one of the very few Israelis appearing on Arab television, frequently debating Arab thought leaders and imams in their native tongue.

“After they finish with the Jews, they are going to go after the Christians,’” Dr. Kedar explained. “This is not new or unexpected. It has only been going on for fourteen centuries. It is the entirety of history between Islam and Christianity. The Koran says that Allah is with the one who has patience. And the Muslims have patience.”

Mordechai Kedar (courtesy: Facebook)

“Islamic settlement in the US is with the intention to turn America into an Islamic country. They don’t even try to hide this. This is openly stated by the Muslim Brotherhood. This Islamic violence in the streets will only get worse as Muslims become more dominant. What the Americans see on TV as happening in Israel is a preview of what they can expect in their own country.”

Not Palestinian violence, Islamic violence

“This is not a regional conflict between Israel and the Palestinians over specific political issues,” Dr. Kedar explained. “What we saw in the streets of the US was not Palestinian violence. It was Islamic violence. This is jihad, a religious war, which is why it spread from Gaza to the streets of Israel and even to the streets of the US.”

“Jihad is a mandate requiring Muslims to spread Islam around the world,” Dr. Kedar explained. “But like any strategy of conquest, they always look for the weakest point to attack first. In the Middle East, that is Israel. In the US, that is the Jews. The Jews have a history of being hated by everyone. This hatred of the Jews is shared by Christianity and Islam. Both religions, each in their own way and in their own time, came to replace Judaism.” 

A multi-faceted jihad

“There are many approaches to Jihad, all with the same goal. Jihad can be by the sword, by the economy, by population and immigration, or by the media. Al Jazeera is a media jihad. We in the west are facing a multi-faceted jihad and the most effective tools that are preferred by Islam are the legal methods.”

Though deception is an accepted and even praiseworthy strategy as described in the Koran under the name Taqiyya, the goals of this jihad and even the methodologies are not hidden, according to Dr. Kedar. 

“People think that ISIS is extremist but that is not true. If you read what ISIS tells the world, they are precisely the core teachings of Islam. They have certainly not added or made things up. They publish a magazine in English called Dabiq so that everyone can know what their agenda is. The Muslim Brotherhood has a printed manifesto. Hamas has a charter that is publicly available on Wikipedia that explicitly states its dedication to the annihilation of all the Jews but people ignore that and condemn Israel for defending itself. There are no surprises here.”

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