Miracle near Hebron: Terrorist opens fire at IDF soldiers, none hit, perpetrator killed

I’ll incense them with a no-folk, Vex them with a nation of fools.




(the israel bible)

May 20, 2021

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A female Arab terrorist opened fire at a group of IDF soldiers manning a hitchhiking station in Kiryat Arba on Wednesday.
The terrorist was armed with an M-16 and two magazines and opened fire with the intention of killing as many Israeli Jews as possible. Miraculously, her plan failed and not one of the people she sprayed bullets at was hit. She was then shot and killed by the IDF troops.
Many on social media are calling the incident a “miracle from God.”
Below is footage of the terrorist after being shot.

This is the second time in a week that a terrorist opened fire on a crowd of Jews and didn’t hit a single one of them. Last week, Israel365 News reported how several young men from Samaria, used to defending themselves in the face of violent Arabs, arrived in Lod to help their Jewish brethren stand their ground. A video on Facebook showed the group of approximately 30 “settler” youths miraculously unscathed as Arab terrorists opened fire at them in a drive-by shooting as seen in the footage below:

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