The Sheikh Jarra Blood Libel Debunked and why the Arabs are entirely to blame for the violence.

May 14, 2021

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The left-wing has struggled to justify the Arab wave of violence emanating from Gaza in the form of thousands of rockets aimed at Israeli cities. Inside Israel, this violence is in the form of massive riots on the Temple violence and unprecedented mobs of Israeli Arabs attacking their Jewish neighbors while burning synagogues and businesses. Perhaps the riots and mobs can be justified as outrage at extreme social injustice but the rocket fire at Israel’s cities, claimed to be in unity with the injustices inside Israel, is a war crime of epic proportions and unforgivable for any reason. Forgiving this sin against humanity entirely overlooks the fact that while Hamas intentionally targets civilian centers the IDF goes to extreme lengths to spare the innocent while struggling to prevent rocket fire, even at the expense of endangering their own soldiers and, tragically, Israeli citizens. 

The left-wing claims the rioting by thousands of angry young Arabs on the Temple Mount was to protest … Israel preventing Arabs from entering the Temple Mount, a claim refuted by the rioting itself.

But another claim, less absurd at first glance, has even been made by foreign politicians and governments; the eviction of “hundreds of Arabs” from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in east Jerusalem. This accusation is usually made with no supporting facts or explanations, the simple reason being that even a cursory glance shows that anyone protesting the evictions is advocating for ethnic cleansing and the creation of Judenrein, areas cleansed of Jews.

The real truth

Sheikh Jarrah is a predominantly Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It received its name from the 13th-century tomb of Sheikh Jarrah, a physician of Saladin, located within its vicinity. But the original name of the neighborhood was Shimon Hatzaddik due to the tomb of Shimon HaTzadik, one of the last members of the Great Assembly and a High Priest from the Temple. It is clear that referring to it is Sheikh Jarrah is an attempt to erase the original Jewish roots of the location. For hundreds of years, Jews made pilgrimages to this tomb.

In 1876, the cave and the adjoining land were purchased by Jews. Dozens of Jewish families built homes on the property. The land was conquered by the Jordanian army in 1948 and all the Jews were either killed or ran away. Local Arabs moved in. The Jordanian occupation of Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem was in contravention of all international law and not recognized by any country save England. The land was recaptured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

It should be noted that in the Ottoman census of 1905, the population of the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood was counted as 167 Muslim families (est. 1,250 people), 97 Jewish families, and 6 Christian families. This means that one-third of the population of the Sheikh Jarra neighborhood was Jewish until it was ethnically cleansed by the Arabs.

During the Six-Day War of 1967, Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood. In 1972, the Sephardic Community Committee and the Knesset Yisrael Committee went to court to contest the ownership of the properties they had owned before being driven out by the Jordanians. In 1982, they demanded rent for this property and the Supreme Court of Israel ruled in their favor. The tenants were allowed to remain as long as they paid rent. They refused or were forced to refuse. Selling property to Jews is a capital offense under the PA and Palestinians are usually killed if they do so. Paying rent would have been a tacit acknowledgment that the land belonged to Jews so the owners were probably threatened to not pay rent. Lawyers for the Jewish families argued that documents from the Ottoman Empire originally used to prove that a Jewish Sephardic organization had purchased the land in question in the 19th century were indeed valid, while Palestinian lawyers brought with them documents from Istanbul’s Ottoman archives indicating that the Jewish organization that claimed to own the land was merely renting it, and as such was not the rightful owner The Israeli court decision (resulting in the aforementioned evictions) stated that the document presented by the Palestinian families was a forgery, while the document of Jewish ownership was authentic.

 The main point is that the properties undoubtedly belong to Jews. The Arabs are being evicted (rightfully so) but they are not being banished. They can move next door or to some other place in Israel. The Arab anger is over Jews moving into those properties, meaning the Palestinians are insisting on an ethnically cleansed East Jerusalem in which no Jews live. This should come as no surprise as all of the areas under PA rule are Judenrein, ethnically cleansed of Jews and Jews may not even enter. Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount and the violence last week was a demand that Jews not even be permitted to visit their holiest site on our holiday of Jerusalem Day. In addition, there are several Jewish holy sites in Israel that have no relevance whatsoever to Islam which are forbidden for Jews to visit.

 What angers me is that well-intentioned people think they are advocating for a good cause by opposing the evictions when they are actually advocating for Judenrein and ethnic cleansing. They also happen to be justifying violence, the bombing of civilians. Put simply, the only justification for adopting such a bizarre and warped sense of reality is an intense hatred of Jews.

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