Thirty reasons why Israel is at ‘war’ right now [Watch]

When you take the field against your enemies, and see horses and chariots—forces larger than yours—have no fear of them, for Hashem your God, who brought you from the land of Egypt, is with you.




(the israel bible)

May 11, 2021

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Many influencers in Israel are calling the current state of affairs a ‘war.’ Among them is a rapper and popular conservative social media influencer Hatzel.

In a post on Tuesday, he listed the various events taking place throughout Israel to justify his claim that Israel is indeed in the midst of a war.

Among them are the fact that on Monday alone, the following has happened:

  1. 30 police and 300 terrorists have been injured in violent confrontations
  2. An attempted to lynch against three Jews was stopped at the last minute by a police officer.
  3. A 7-month old Jewish baby was injured in her face by a bolder that was thrown at her by terrorists.
  4. Hamas fired a rocket at a vehicle. The driver miraculously emerged with light injuries.
  5. Hamas fired rockets onto Jerusalem
  6. Homes in the coastal city of Ashkelon were suffered direct hits from rockets
  7. Over 200 rockets fired at Israeli civilians by Hamas terrorists in Gaza since Monday evening.A home in Ashkelon was hit, parents and two children injured

    Israel will protect its citizens from Hamas

— Israel Foreign Ministry (@IsraelMFA) May 11, 2021

9. The IDF killed a top Hamas operative and ten others

10. Hamas fired 200 rockets on southern and central Israel resulting in direct hits

11. The northern Arab city of Um El Fahm: Hundreds of rioters throwing rocks and burning tires in the streets

12. Jaffa: Hundreds of rioters protesting including throwing stones and burning tires in the streets.

יפו כעת בסרט מלחמה משל עצמה. אחרי שעה של צעדה עם כוחות משטרה סמויים הגיעו המפגינים לצומת הבעלשט פינת יפת. כאן הם פגשו שוטרי יסמ, זרקו אבן על ניידת ומיד יודו לעברם רימוני הלם ויצאו פרשים. אווירה קשה

— Bar Peleg (@bar_peleg) May 10, 2021

13. In the central Arab city of Kfar Kana, hundreds of rioters took to the streets

14. Shbili junction: Hundreds of rioters burn tires and are scuffling with security forces

15. Ramle: Hamas protest, violent clashes with security forces, stone-throwing at vehicles and buses

רמלה,הלך האוטובוס

— Real News IL (@RealNewsIL) May 10, 2021

16. Terrorists set the Jewish cemetery in Ramle on fire while terrorists are setting vehicles on fire throughout the city

לא עוצרים בלוד: הפורעים ממגזר הצעירים הגיעו לחולל הלילה מהומות בכניסה למיון בבית החולים אסף הרופא.

— שילה פריד (@shilofreid) May 11, 2021

17. Haifa: Clashes between hundreds of Arabs and police forces and reports of arson

18. Lod: Terrorists are clashing with security forces, stone-throwing, vehicle arson, and setting the police station on fire

19. Lod: pre-military academy and another yeshiva school have been set on fire. Torah scrolls were evacuated out of fear of more arson attacks against the synagogues.

20. Lod: Arab mob tried to break into the gated Jewish Hasmonean community. The police were called but did not show up. The neighborhood’s residence fired warning shots to fend them off.

מתגעגעים למבצע דני

— ינון מגל (@YinonMagal) May 10, 2021

21. The warning shots didn’t stop the invaders. This left the residents no choice but to kill one and injure two others.

22. Arab village of Manda: Hamas supporting rioters set the police station on fire.

23. Tzipori junction: Hundreds of Hamas supporting rioters are burning tires and blocking roads

24. In the northern Arab village of Ilut: A police car veered off the road. Arab rioters destroyed the vehicle. Two police officers are listed as injured.

25. Nazareth: Rioters are burning tires in the streets

26. Arab village of Taybe: Rioters clashed with local police forces

27. Arab village of Tamra: Rioters clashed with local police forces

28. Arab village of Nahaf: Rioters clashed with local police forces, blocking roads, setting tires on fire, and throwing stones

كفركنا כפר כנא

— |فرات نصار|פוראת נסאר|FURAT NASSAR (@nassar_furat) May 10, 2021

29. Arab village of Kana: Two separate incidents of lynching against Jews – One victim was elderly, the other was younger

רגעי הלינץ’ ביהודי שנכנס בטעות לכפר כנא, טירוף.

— אריאל אלחרר (@ariel_elharar_) May 10, 2021

30. In the south: Over 20 brush fires as a result of arson balloons








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