Painful to Breathe in Israel

May 6, 2021

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“He’s a Jew! He’s a Jew!” an Arab lynch mob shouted as they ran after twenty-seven-year-old Eli Rozen as he was walking his dog. The Arab mob brutally attacked and beat him with rocks, clubs, and even threw a shopping cart at him, sending him to the hospital with three fractured vertebrae, a sprained ankle, and swelling in the head. It’s a miracle he survived. 


Pure hate and the smell of blood has been in the air since Ramadan began in Israel. This is especially true around Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, where hundreds of mostly young Arabs have gathered every night clashing with and attacking Israeli police. In numerous cases, they violently attack Jewish people in the area like Eli Rozen.


Another man who is lucky to be alive is forty-six-year-old Yahya Jardi from Beit Shemesh. He was attacked while sitting in his car. When he attempted to flee on foot, he was caught and beaten. Video showed Jardi being kicked repeatedly as he lay defenseless on the ground. His car was later set on fire.


In another heinous incident, Arabs attacked an elderly father and his son as they traveled in the city of Jaffa, after the pair attempted to pass the truck which the Arab attackers were driving. The attackers beat the father viciously, threw him on the ground, and tried to attack him with a screw driver. They threatened the son that if he didn’t move his car and let them leave, they would murder his father. The father suffered injuries to his face, body and an arm fracture.

Eliyahu Mali, head of the Shirat Moshe yeshiva, was assaulted in Jaffa by two Arabs while visiting an apartment with a colleague. 
Video of the incident shows Mali, who is in his sixties, kicked by two Arab men in their thirties even as he falls and lies sprawled and defenseless on the ground. 

A twenty-one-year-old Arab was arrested by Israeli police on suspicion of slapping a Jewish youth on the light rail train in Jerusalem. He simply walked up and smacked the Jewish boy in the face, then shared the video on TikTok. Another Jewish boy was pulled off his bike and kicked by a group of Arab boys near Jaffa gate.

Another incident of pure hate occurred at Damascus Gate when an Arab man ran up to a Jewish man walking by and threw hot coffee straight into his face.  

Terrorists attempted to burn down a house in the Givat Oz Ve’Tzion community of Binyamin, four boys were injured when Molotov cocktails were thrown at their house. Fortunately, they managed to escape out the window. Two suffered smoke injuries from the flames, and another young man suffered light injuries to his legs. It’s a miracle they were not burned alive.

Arabs from the nearby P.A. controlled village of Burka later returned and tried to set more homes on fire. 

In two separate incidents, two Arab terrorists tried to stab Israeli soldiers in the Gush Etzion Junction. Then a horrible shooting attack happened in Samaria in which three young people waiting for the bus were gunned down in a drive-by shooting by a terrorist and nineteen-year-old Yehuda Guetta, who was critically wounded succumbed to his wounds 2 days later, it breaks our hearts.. 

Thank God the security forces just captured the terrorist who murdered him. Another Jewish family shattered by Muslim terrorism having to bury their loved one, so many funerals in Israel from heinous terror attacks and the world stays silent. 


On top of all of this, terrorists inside Gaza fired more than forty rockets into Israel in less than forty-eight hours, sending thousands of Israeli children and adults fleeing for cover and forcing them to spend the night in bomb shelters. Luckily, no one was killed thanks to the Iron Dome system and God’s protection. However, the trauma these poor people are sustaining from barrages of rockets coming in every year is unfathomable.


This week we also had several incidents of Arabs stoning passing cars at Tapuach junction. Stoning attacks on Israeli buses and cars happens often.

Of course, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are praising these attacks and calling for more uprisings and violence. 


In addition to Hamas’ instigations, Israel’s so-called peace partner, Abu Mazen, is saying this: “We salute our people in Jerusalem for their resolve against the Israeli plans to take control of the holy city.” 


His party Fatah stated: “There is an uprising and intifada in Jerusalem.” Fatah supports violent assaults against Jews which is a message being shared on Palestinian TV again and again. 

It’s pure hate and the reason why we are having all of these heinous attacks, they want all Jews out of “Palestine”. 

The corrupt leaders in Fatah have once again called off the P.A. election that was supposed to happen later this month. There has never been nor will there be any unity among them. They only agree on one thing, death to Israel and the Jewish people, just like we saw shouted loudly by young Arabs at Damascus Gate and t

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