NYT Blames Evangelicals for potentially extending Covid ‘Pandemic’

Go, my people, enter your chambers, And lock your doors behind you. Hide but a little moment, Until the indignation passes.




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April 5, 2021

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In a recent article in the New York Times, faith and religion reporters Elizabeth Dias and Ruth Graham published a piece entitled: ‘How White Evangelicals’ Vaccine Refusal Could Prolong the Pandemic’. 

The article, which was focused on Caucasians exclusively, was published on Monday. The two authors began the article by introducing a woman named Stephanie Nana, an evangelical Christian from Edmond, Oklahoma, who refused to get the corona vaccine because it contains aborted cell tissue. It continued citing other examples of Evangelicals who refused the jab for reasons ranging from a divine message to the body’s self-healing powers.

The article then quotes Jamie Aten, founder and executive director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College who preemptively blames Evangelicals for future spread saying: “If we can’t get a significant number of white evangelicals to come around on this, the pandemic is going to last much longer than it needs to.” 

The piece went on to blast the distrust ‘white Evangelicals’ have with the ‘scientific community.’

Later, the expose admitted that no one knows if Caucasian Evangelicals are to blame after as stated by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a former Chicago public health commissioner. He conceded that there is no clear data regarding vaccine hesitancy among evangelicals of other racial groups.

Oddly enough, while listing examples of Evangelical leaders warning against the vaccine, the article included a Jewish doctor, Dr. Simone Gold

In contrast to the Evangelical community, the piece sites the compliance of the Catholic Church writing that the “Vatican has concluded the vaccines are “morally acceptable,” and has emphasized the immediate danger posed by the virus.”




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