Jill Biden Delivers fiery Speech with Nazi-inspired Emblem as backdrop [Watch]

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April 5, 2021

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At a recent speech at a United Farm Workers event, First Lady Jill Biden was plagued with gaffes, visual and audio, when she badly mispronounced a simple Spanish phrase while standing in front of a flag reminiscent of Nazo iconography. But even more disturbing was the attempt to link the Biden administration to labor organizer Cesar Chavez who saw illegal immigration on the southern border as the greatest threat to the American worker.

Jill Biden: “Si Se Pwadway”

On Wednesday, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden addressed approximately 100 members of the United Farm Workers labor union at Forty Acres, the union’s first headquarters in Delano, California, to commemorate the  94th birth anniversary of famous labor leader and Latin American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez who died in 1993. 

“Hey, we wouldn’t have made it through this year,” Dr. Biden said in her address. “Even in our darkest times, we can, and we must find hope in each other. Today, the legacy of Cesar Chavez lives on in so many ways.”

Dr. Biden stated that her husband, the president, is changing immigration policy, saying “He’s working to build one that treats children and families with dignity and creates fair pathways to citizenship, including essential workers.”

In her address, Biden attempted to enjoin the crowd in saying, ‘sí se puede’ (Yes, we can). What she actually said was a meaningless “Si se pwadway”, which, if anything, was closest to the Spanish sentence, “Si, se padre” (Yes, I know, father). 


“Watching Jill Biden botch basic Spanish makes me miss Melania Trump, an extraordinary First Lady who is fluent in five languages,” Australian journalist Nick Adams tweeted.


Nazi Flag? No, But…

Biden gave her speech in front of the UFW flag which many compared to Nazi symbols. Though the UFW flag is not based on Nazi iconography, Chavez did gain inspiration from Nazi design concepts, as noted in an article in the Smithsonian about Chavez.


“The story of the black eagle, the movement’s symbol, exemplifies Chavez’s skill as a tactician,” the Smithsonian wrote. “He researched emblems, including cigarette boxes and Nazi flags, and concluded that the most potent color combination was red, black and white. He picked the eagle and directed his brother to draw the bird so simply that anyone could easily replicate the symbol.”

The Nazis also used an eagle, referred to as a Reichsadler, also known as the Imperial Eagle, while the one used by the UFW is a Mexican eagle.

The flag was created in the 1960s by Chávez’s brother, Richard Chávez, and his cousin, Manuel Chávez.

Though there is clearly no connection between the UFW flag and the Nazi party, a tweet by “Jewish Deplorable”, a self-described Orthodox Jewish Trump supporter, summed up the sentiment of many people.

One recent example of Democrats claiming a Republican “dog whistle” took place last month when a social media storm focused on the stage of the Conservative CPAC convention which some claimed resembled an Odal Rune that was used by the Nazi SS as an insignia. 


Chavez Opposed Open Borders

More disturbing than the First Lady’s gaffes and dog whistles were her references to the current administration’s open border policy. In addition to Jill Biden’s public appearance at the UFW event, the president had a bust of the labor organizer prominently displayed in the Oval Office as one of his first renovations. 


In contradiction to President Biden’s open-borders policy, Chavez was stridently anti-immigrant, blaming the woes of American laborers on illegal immigrants. He launched the “Illegals Campaign” to identify illegal migrants, who he called “wetbacks” so that they could be deported. His cousin Manuel Chavez had established a UFW patrol, or “wet line”, along Arizona’s border with Mexico to stop illegal migrants crossing into the United States. There were rumors that this patrol was employing violence against these migrants, beating and robbing them.


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