Report: Boulder shooter targeted ‘Jewish store’ After swearing allegiance to ISIS

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March 25, 2021

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The terrorist who killed ten people during a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado on Monday targeted a “Jewish store,” reports Loomered citing a report published by Understanding the Threat (UTT).

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty stated that investigators were unable to identify a motive for the shooter, who was identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, from Arvada, a suburb of Denver. Alissa was born in Syria in 1999.

Alissa, who was placed in prison on murder charges on Tuesday is scheduled to have his initial appearance in court on Thursday, reports ABC 7.

Ahmad Alissa, the accused Boulder mass shooter (screenshot)

But congressional candidate and investigative journalist Laura Loomer reported that a law enforcement source told her that Alissa killed his victims in the name of ISIS.

On May 7, 2019, Alissa posted a claim implying that Jesus is a Muslim on social media writing: “So Mary wears a hijab and Jesus doesn’t eat pork and prays on his knees and hands. There (sic) both Muslims it’s obvious.”

Loomered also reported that the King Soopers market, where the massacre took place, is known as a “Jewish store” with a mostly Jewish customer-base because of the large supply of kosher food items sold there.

King Soopers’ site even advertises that the grocery franchise is “Your One-Stop Shop For Kosher Groceries.” The chain also has stores listed on the Denver Vaad Hakashrus Kosher supervisory authority that carry kosher items.

“Source tells me shooter carried out attack in the name of ISIS. Biden admin has already given orders to keep it under wraps to avoid conversation in the media about Islamic terrorism and reversal of trumps travel ban, which the terrorist was opposed to,” Loomer wrote on her Telegram channel.

“The irony isn’t lost on me how a Radical Islamist, and ISIS member drove 25 miles out of his way to get to this specific store just to shoot everyone in sight. Yet, not a single mainstream outlet wants to talk about the fact that the location of the attack is a Jewish store, with a majority Jewish clientele,” she added.


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