Israelis also Fear Voter fraud in their Elections: Here’s Why

you shall be free to set a king over yourself, one chosen by Hashem your God.




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March 25, 2021

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Former US President Donald Trump’s voter fraud accusations seemed unimaginable to many Americans who until now, have enjoyed a rather transparent electoral process.

But for many Israelis, the phenomenon of election theft was all too familiar. Evidence of ballot stuffing and pay-to-vote schemes have been uncovered in previous Israeli elections but often get brushed off as isolated incidents.

But Tuesday’s general election in Israel may have stepped up the voter irregularities a level following several bizarre incidents that were reported. Although only a little over eighty percent of the votes in Israel have been counted, Israel365 News reported that the head of Israel’s elections Committee Orly Adas, released a statement on Wednesday announcing that ballot counting was stopped during the night. This included ballot stations whose votes are still being tabulated. The reason is that Supreme Court Justice Uzi Vogelman, who is tasked with tabulating the results “crashed” and went to sleep delaying the count by at least two hours. The idea that a 67-year-old judge is the only person in charge of observing the tabulation process is another bizarre development that has many in Israel raising eyebrows.

Making matters worse, 0404 reported that the documents that recorded the tabulated ballots were torn up “by accident” in no less than 180 polling stations across Israel. According to the Elections Committee, an employee accidentally shredded final results from 180 polling stations. He allegedly shredded the original documents rather than the copies which he was supposed to destroy. This is causing all of those polling stations to be “recounted” according to the report.

Additionally, unconfirmed footage is making the rounds on social media showing ballots being dumped in the trash, a sight painfully reminiscent of some that were seen in the US elections in November.

Meanwhile, Likud MK Shlomo Kari attempted to reassure suspecting voters telling 0404 News: “With much appreciation and responsibility, you are raising and sending me endless infractions on election transparency. I am in the Knesset and without taking a break, am representing you with an entire team. We are checking and handling every issue. We have footage of everything! Documented results, and all inconsistencies will be reviewed in detail. We are safeguarding your votes.”


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