A Warning from a Torah Codes expert before Elections: Netanyahu’s Rival is Amalek

When the righteous become great the people rejoice, But when the wicked dominate the people groan.




(the israel bible)

March 23, 2021

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Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an expert in Torah Codes, published a video on Monday explaining how the fourth round of Israeli elections on Tuesday fit into the Geula (redemption) with Netanyahu’s chief rival reenacting the sin of hatred that was cited as bringing down destruction on all of Israel.  

Elections: Destruction or Expansion

“The word ‘Israel’ means ‘straight to God’ or ‘minister of God’ and even ‘singing to God’,” Rabbi Glazerson explains. “These are all the essence of Israel. But some people are, unfortunately, doing precisely the opposite; desecrating the sabbath and not believing in God. This is a great danger to the state, especially now that Iran is doing everything they can do to destroy Israel, with over 100,000 missiles pointed at us. And they are trying to get a nuclear bomb, thanks to Biden.”

Rabbi Glazerson referred to a concept outlined in his book, Letters of Fire, in which he teaches that the world was created through the use of Hebrew letters. He notes that the word in Hebrew for ‘elect’ (בחר bachar) can be rearranged to spell several words.

“The election contains the possibility for positive or negative,” Rabbi Glazerson explained. “When you elect the right forces, the right people you ‘expand’ (רחב rahav). But if unfortunately you elect evil forces that are against the Torah, you can ‘destroy’ (חרב charev).”

Rabbi Glazerson cited several recent news articles underscoring the social conflict in Israeli society pitting the ultra-orthodox against the secular. 

Using special software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah, Rabbi Glazerson searched for words connected to the election. The first clue emphasized the import of the elections by spelling out קץ ישראך (ketz yisrael; the end of Israel). 

Remarkably in a section of the Torah beginning in Genesis chapter 14, the rabbi found the name ‘Lapid’ along with the names ‘Tommy’ and ‘Yair.’ Tommy’s given name, יוסף Joseph) was also adjacent to the name ‘Tommy’. Yair Lapid is the head of the Yesh Atid Party, the most powerful challenge to a Netanyahu-led coalition according to most polls. Tommy, his father, won a seat in the Knesset at the head of the Shinui Party on a blatantly anti-religious platform. These names were parallel to the word שנאה (sin’ah; hatred). 

He noted that adjacent to the name ‘Yair’ was the word ‘Amalek.”

“Like Amalek, Yair Lapid has two faces,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “There are nations that want to physically destroy the Jewish people, like Iran,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “But there are those, like the Lapids, who want to spiritually destroy the Jewish people. They seduce the Jews by offering them transportation on the Sabbath, and open coffee houses.”

Rabbi Glazerson also found the words ‘שנאה חרדי, (sina charedi; hatred of the ultra-Orthodox). Another word indicates the final outcome of this hatred; חרבן (chorban; destruction).

“The Second Temple was destroyed because of hatred,” Rabbi Glazerson said, referring to a teaching brought down in the Talmud (Yoma 9b). “And here we are, repeating the same sin. The left-wing in Israel prefer the Palestinians and Iran to the Orthodox Jews. They need to realize that the only thing that can save us is God.”

But among all the hints at dire possibilities is also a clue that this is a time for great potential. The year, תשפא 5781, appears prominently next to the word משיח (Messiah). 

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