New Testament Mysteriously discovered inside Books labeled ‘Psalms’ in Stores across Israel

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March 18, 2021

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Israel’s discount retailer Max Stock (Israel’s version of the dollar store) quickly became the center of controversy after customers discovered that upon opening their recently purchased miniature books labeled “Psalms” (in hebrew), was indeed the New Testament written in English.

Several unsatisfied customers from across Israel turned to the anti-missionary organization Yad L’achim. Chanoch Gechtman, manager of the anti-missionary department told Israel365 News that the organization then checked in the Bnei Brak branch and confirmed the credibility of the complaint.

“We still don’t know who is responsible for it” he said of the New Testament that was mysteriously slipped into “about one out of six books labeled as Psalms.”

After confirming the discovery, the Yad L’achim organization reached out to the Max Stock management and requested that they remove the mischaracterized products from their shelves, and said that in fact the chain ordered all of its branches to do follow suit reports Israel Hayom.

“We are certain that the owners of Max Stock were misled and did not know what was inside the Psalms books, and we thank them for quickly taking action to remove the missionary threat,” Yad L’Achim said in a statement.

Max Stock told Israel Hayom that: “This is a problem that came from our supplier. When there is mass production, these things can happen. As soon as we received the complaint, we took the books off the shelves. We value the traditional communiy.”

Max Stock has not responded to Israel365 New’s request for comment.

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