Magnetic Pole Reversal comeback Expected: Was this Prophesied by Malachi?

For lo! That day is at hand, burning like an oven. All the arrogant and all the doers of evil shall be straw, and the day that is coming—said the lord of Hosts—shall burn them to ashes and leave of them neither stock nor boughs.




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March 14, 2021

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Researchers recently discovered that a magnetic pole reversal that took place 42,000 years ago coupled with massive solar flares devastated the planet. As the magnetic field begins to shift again, one Torah scholar/scientist suggested that the same phenomenon was predicted by the prophet Malachi as preceding the “Day of Hashem.”

42,000 Years Ago: Magnetic Pole Shift

Researchers recently published a study showing that 42,000 years ago, a reversal in the Earth’s magnetic field combined with changes in the Sun’s behavior drastically changed the environment, leading to several centuries of apocalyptic conditions. And this magnetic shift is happening again at an alarming rate. 

The study,  published in Science, noted that the magnetic north pole, an aspect of the magnetic field that surrounds the planet, is not static and “wanders” near the geographic north pole. The cause of these changes is beneath our feet. The magnetic pole is mostly the result of ferrous fluids moving around in the earth’s core. The magnetic pole naturally moves and has even been known to shift hemispheres, turning the magnetic north pole into the magnetic south pole. As the poles shift, the magnetic field weakens. In the last 30 years, the rate of distance that the magnetic north pole moves per year sped up from about 9.3 miles per year to around 34 miles per year, moving out of northern Canada, across the Arctic Ocean, and toward Siberia.

Sometimes these movements can become more extreme and the magnetic poles can even reverse. The recent study focused on one such reversal of the magnetic pole that took place 42,000 years ago. Known as the Laschamps Excursion, the new study revealed that it led to the destruction of the ozone layer, electrical storms raging across the tropics, and solar winds that generated spectacular auroras. Polar vortexes blasted North America, generating ice sheets and glaciers. Intense ultraviolet light pierced the atmosphere, causing animal and plant species, and even Neanderthals, to go extinct, while early men sought shelter in caves. 

The research studied growth rings in ancient New Zealand kauri trees that had been preserved in peat bogs and other sediments for more than 40,000 years. The trees revealed a prolonged spike in atmospheric radiocarbon levels caused by the collapse of Earth’s magnetic field as the poles switched, providing a way of precisely linking widely geographically dispersed records.

“The kauri trees are like the Rosetta Stone, helping us tie together records of environmental change in caves, ice cores, and peat bogs around the world,” said professor Alan Cooper, who co-lead this research project.

The scientists concluded that tropical Pacific rain belts and the Southern Ocean westerly winds abruptly shifted at the same time, bringing arid conditions to places like Australia at the same time as a range of megafauna, including giant kangaroos and giant wombats went extinct. Further north, the vast Laurentide Ice Sheet rapidly grew across the eastern US and Canada, while in Europe the Neanderthals spiraled into extinction. 

More importantly, the magnetic field plummeted to less than 6% of what it is today. At the same time, the Sun experienced several “grand solar minima” throughout this period. Though the overall solar activity was generally much lower, it was also more unstable, sending out numerous massive solar flares that allowed more powerful ionizing cosmic rays to reach Earth. The cosmic rays penetrated the upper atmosphere, charging the particles in the air and causing chemical changes that drove the loss of stratospheric ozone.

The scientists noted that at around the same time, approximately 42,000 years ago, there was a flourishing of cave art which they credited to men of that time taking shelter in caves from the unprecedented high UV levels.

“It must have seemed like the end of days,” the researchers suggested.

“Day of Hashem”

Saul Kullook, a scientist with many patents to his name, believes that this period of time was described by the prophet Malachi as a harbinger of the final redemption.

“There is prophesy in the Hebrew Bible, on that a similar cosmic event will take place,” Kullook told Israel365 News, citing the precise verse.

For lo! That day is at hand, burning like an oven. All the arrogant and all the doers of evil shall be straw, and the day that is coming—said the lord of Hosts—shall burn them to ashes and leave of them neither stock nor boughs. Malachi 3:19

Kullook cited the medieval French Biblical commentator, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, known by the acronym Rashi, who explained the verse in Malachi.

Lo, I will send the Navi Eliyahu to you before the coming of the awesome, fearful day of Hashem. Malachi 3:23

“This ‘Day of God’ is the result of God’s taking out the Sun from its sheath,” Rashi wrote.

“The prophet was describing the removal on an existing cover protecting us from the light of the Sun,” Kullook said. “Rashi was foreseeing an existing cover around the Earth, which is the magnetic field found by scientific research many centuries later.”

This polar shift is described in Jewish sources. Midrash states that God initiated the flood in the time of Noah by moving two stars. This caused a shift in the poles of the world; the north became the south, dry land became oceans, and oceans dried up. 

“This ‘Day of God’, perhaps the most awesome biblical time that will be taking place in the history of mankind now has a physical explanation thanks to the discovery made known to the world less than 3 weeks ago,” Kullook said.

How Soon?

This phenomenon that took place 42,000 years ago is well on its way to reappearing. Researchers estimated that the planet’s magnetic field has already lost 30 percent of its intensity in the last 3,000 years and predict it will drop to near zero in the next few centuries. This phenomenon referred to as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) is blamed for an increasing number of electronic failures of navigation and communication satellites and may affect earth-bound power grids. The shifting polarity of the planet may also be behind outbreaks of migrating birds becoming confused and dying.

Kullook noted that researchers cannot determine with any certainty when the magnetic pole will shift but he noted that we do have clear timeframes for the end of days. According to Jewish tradition, the latest possible date the Messiah can arrive is at the end of 6,000 years, that is to say, in 219 years. But Kullook has an alternate interpretation of history that places this absolute endpoint at 55 years from now.

“Studies show that these events take place mainly around a certain Earth axis inclination, like in 42,000 years ago,” Kullook said. “The end of days is now very close to this inclination. Hence it is expected to take place in a short time from now.”


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