Statue of Trump: Golden Calf or Tribute to an American Hero?

This he took from them and cast in a mold, and made it into a molten calf. And they exclaimed, “This is your god, O Yisrael, who brought you out of the land of Egypt!” Exodus 32:4




(the israel bible)

February 28, 2021

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A statue of Donald Trump presented at a conservative conference has been criticized by the anti-religious left-wing as being the Republicans’ “Golden Calf.” But one rabbi noted that the left-wing has been dancing around the modern-day Golden Calf for years.

Trump Statue at CPAC

Conservatives gathering in Orlando, Florida for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) were greeted by a gaudy six-foot-tall painted fiberglass statue of former-President Donald Trump. The statue was a caricature golden figure of Trump wearing a suit jacket and red tie, a star wand, American-flag shorts, and sandals.  

Many on the left, like University of Virginia Center for Politics founder and Director Larry Sabato, were quick to link the statue with the Biblical idol of a Golden calf. 

Al Cardenas, the former chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU) who opposed the nomination of Trump in 2016 as the Republican candidate, also made the Biblical connection.

Trump is expected to speak at CPAC on Sunday, marking his first public appearance since leaving office.

One anonymous conservative political pundit who preferred to remain anonymous made an observation about the anti-Trump comments.

“As per their social values, they focus on the gold, raising the possibility that it can be worshipped. As per their political agenda, they totally ignored, or could not see, that clutched in Trump’s hand was the US Constitution, beginning with ‘We the people’.”

The artist, Tommy Zegan, said he made the statue specifically to anger liberals. 

“It’s not an idol,” Zegan, a former pastor, told Mediaite. “I know the Biblical definition of an idol and this isn’t it. This is a sculpture.”

Zegan explained that the wand was a poke at Obama who said that the only way to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US was with a magic wand. 

“He is wearing a business suit, which makes him a professional. His red tie indicates that he is from the Republican party. His red, white and blue swimming trunks represent that he is a patriot. His sandals represent that he is supposed to be retired. He should be on the beach right now. And he is holding the Constitution. Trump is a constitutionalist.”

Zegan confirmed the rumors the statue was made in Mexico where he currently resides, adding that it was assembled and painted in Florida. 

Dave Rubin: The Left-Wing Always Tears Down Statues of American Heroes

David Rubin, the author of Trump and the Jews, noted that in at least one respect, the opponents of Trump were even worse than the idolators who worshipped the Golden Calf in the desert.

“They may have been idolators but at least they loved Israel and left Egypt,” Rubin said. 

“The radical left believes that all statues of American heroes are bad,” Rubin said. “That is because they hate America, something they are not ashamed to advertise. They called January 6 an insurrection but no flags were burned, no statues of American heroes were toppled, and no government buildings were destroyed. This was what happened for months at the left-wing riots in Seattle and other places. In Portland, they actually succeeded in taking over the government and they were never called insurrectionists.”

“They are the real insurrectionists,” Rubin explained. “They wanted to replace the US government. But the left-wing media would never use that term to describe the riots.”

Rabbi Winston: Unbridled Liberalism Is the Golden Calf

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end of days author, maintained that “there is always a Golden Calf.”

“Until 9-11, the Twin Towers were the ‘Golden Calf’ for people who worshipped money,” Rabbi Winston said. “There were 19 terrorists and the Twin Towers fell in 103 minutes which totals 122. The gematria  (numerology) of עגל הזהב (egel hazahav; golden calf) is exactly 122. It was a huge pity that people died, as they did with the original Golden Calf, but the buildings were the symbol of greed.”

“The thing is that in every Golden Calf there is an element of truth and service of God,” Rabbi Winston said. “The current Golden Calf is liberalism. The Democrats are literally dancing around this Golden Calf today. The Golden Calf has always been eternal youth. Liberalism is the desire to be free of obligation, to remain a child without responsibilities of the outcomes of your actions. Liberalism has fine points. But what the left-wing is pushing is unbridled liberalism. The calf, nature, is an aspect of God. But the golden calf was unbridled nature put on a pedestal.”

“That is their fascination with transgenderism and their insistence with allowing children access to puberty blockers. They want the ability to stay young.”

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