Did The Super Bowl Halftime Show Normalize Demon Worship?

“Hashem said to the Adversary, ‘Where have you been?’ The Adversary answered Hashem, ‘I have been roaming all over the earth.’”




(the israel bible)

February 11, 2021

3 min read

Tens of thousands of Bible-loving Jews and Christians watched the Super Bowl’s halftime show this past Sunday in astonishment. Shortly after the halftime show aired, two videos were uploaded to YouTube, both claiming that the halftime show was full of Satanic symbolism. Taken together, the two YouTube videos have been viewed over 143,000 times and have generated nearly 2,500 comments between them.

Canadian Christian Carrie Kohan has been an outspoken child advocate for many years. Her video, Super Bowl Tribute to Satan!, analyzes many of the elements of the 14-minute halftime show. In the introduction to her 12-minute video, Kohan wrote, “For years I’ve been breaking down the Super Bowl Half Time Shows and showing you the demonic symbolisms, and most have said I was crazy! Well, this year’s show was THE most in your face, Satanic Worship show EVER!”

Kohan asserted that the entire halftime show is full of subliminal messages that promote the normalization of satanic worship.

She pointed out that the Canadian singer known as The Weeknd is dressed in red and black and wearing black gloves, which she claimed is, “part of a Satanic ritual.” Later, more men dressed in red and black with black gloves and blank white masks on their faces appeared in a scene she described as “mayhem” and “chaotic”.

She shared a freeze frame of some of the men in masks, showing that they have the panda eyes that are associated with child sexual exploitation. When children are sodomized, the blood vessels around their eyes burst and the skin turns black, resulting in what is referred to as panda eyes.

Kohan, who worked in film and television for a large part of her career and worked as a casting director for commercials and said about herself, “I was very privy to the subliminal messages that they wanted to put into commercials.” With that said, she pointed out the subliminal messaging of an image that said YOUR MIND which floated quickly over an image that said ALONE. “Most people wouldn’t have caught it,” she noted. The implication of this subliminal message, according to Kohan, is that “your mind is being captured. It’s being put in the noose and hung.”

She also pointed to subliminal messaging flashing in the windows behind The Weeknd which said, among other things, BE OF and an inverted cross, which is a symbol of Satan.

In another scene, Kohan claims that the dancers are showing what she called “the secret Illuminati handshake…. It’s right there in front of us.”

In the last two minutes of her analysis, she shows a clip from a 2017 concert by The Weeknd, the same performer featured in the Halftime Show, in which the word SATAN flashes quickly on the screen.

“It’s all subliminal messaging,” she emphasized, while expressing a concern about “all the kids that are watching this.”

A second video, called Super Bowl Halftime Show Illuminati Exposed appears on the Burlington, VT-based YouTube channel A Call For An Uprising. In it, an anonymous narrator claims that, “The most important symbol to the occult is the pentagram,” which appears on the floor of the stage of the Halftime Show. “The five-pointed pentagram is the symbol of the occult. It is the symbol of black magic. It is what is needed in their rituals,” he claimed, further saying that The Weeknd throws up pyramids, devil horns, the 666 while standing on the inverted pentagram.

He asserted that the hordes of men dressed in red and black with blank white masks are meant to represent “robots” dancing with “red demonic eyes” and representing transhumanism (a futuristic philosophy of enhancing humans through advanced, robotic technologies).

Both videos emphasize that, through repeated use of subliminal messaging associated with Satanic rituals, the Super Bowl Halftime Show has become a forum for normalizing satanic worship.





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