Is this a War against God?

February 8, 2021

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Perhaps. Let me explain.

First though, (and I have to admit), I have a real penchant for biblical archaeology. Especially with respect to the Roman Period, and in fact anything that involves the Herodian Temple, almost 2000 years ago. I’m an investigative archaeologist, a journalist/producer, and a Rabbi. My book, The A.R.K. Report is an in-depth study in the lost Temple treasures and the geopolitical scenarios that have historically surrounded the Temple Mount and Jerusalem over millennium.

This article that you’re reading now actually has little to do with all that.  It has everything to do with expressing my sincere sentiment as to what I see happening all around us in this day and age.

So, is there a war with God? Is that even possible? A controversial title for-sure.

Yet, surprisingly, humans fighting God has been tried before. Several times actually. We look to the holy Torah, the Bible, for answers. There’s an obscure Midrash that states that in the beginning, Laban thought he had the perfect plan for destroying the Jews, what would be the original ‘Final Solution.’ He figured that by tricking our Forefather Jacob into working for him forever, he could prevent Jacob from taking his wives and family and settle back in Israel to raise the 12 Tribes (see Genesis 31:43). His twin brother Esau (as well as his angel) also tried to defeat Jacob, but to no avail.

Hundreds of years later, the Egyptian Pharaoh came along and claimed to have a better way to get the job done, i.e., throwing all male new-borns into the Nile River (see Exodus 1:16). After those unsuccessful attempts, it became a known fact amongst the nations that no country can ever win in war against the ancient Hebrews because their God stands over them and protects them. [Parenthetically, at the risk of sounding conceited, when asked, I have always responded that the biggest proof of the existence of God in the 21st Century, is, well……… me. That’s right, the Jew. With all the antisemitism over the centuries, how can it be that the Jew is not extinct by now? As Mark Twain once observed: “What is his secret?” Indeed, there is no viable natural explanation for his continued survival.]

At any rate, most of the nations that dwelt in the Middle East at that time, specifically Midian and Moab, figured that if there’s any chance of winning in battle against this Chosen People heading to the Good Land, there is no choice but go after their God Himself. They figured, hey, it’s worth a try – nothing to lose. Get the Father to turn against His own children (and thereby ridding the earth of any moral conscience as well).

And that is exactly what the evil Balaam did towards the end of the Israelites’ long, drawn out journey in the desert. He told Balak, the Moabite king at the time, that there is actually a way to make this happen, i.e., to ‘outsmart’ (as it were) their Protector on High. It’s simple, get the Israelites to do something that their God hates. God hates immorality/sexual misconduct, and idol worship. Go and set up a large fairground next to their camp, and get the young Midianite women to seduce them inside their tents as they pretend to sell the latest “must-haves” on Fashion TV. After all, after 40 years they’re going to need some new linen gear, and this is a one-time only event that can’t be missed! Then, after a couple drinks, as they are in the midst of falling into temptation, stop it all until they have bowed before the Baal Pe’or idol first. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened (see Numbers 25:1-3; Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 106a, Midrash Tanhuma Balak #18).

This brings to mind the beginning of the Scroll of Esther that is read on the Jewish holiday of Purim, namely the infamous, massive 180-day feast of King Achashverosh in the Persian Capital of Shushan (that occurred about 1000 years after Balaam), where all the Jews were invited in to dine and partake in the best cuts of sirloin steak and aged wine, all with an ‘Eida Chareidit’ kosher certification to boot. Lots of unsavoury ladies walking around there too by the way (and not the types you’re gonna want to bring home to Mama!).

In these instances the Jewish Nation was punished and many thousands had been killed, sometimes teetering on the edge of extinction due to the heavenly anger that had been aroused. And this takes us right up to modern history where the Holocaust almost decimated the world Jewish population just 75 years ago.

That being said, what about today in the year 2021? What used to be the Information Age has been changed to the Age of Anxiety, aka the Corona Age. I believe that for one last time in history, evil has been resurrected once more into the top echelons of society, and we just may be witnessing a type of war against God.

How do I know this?  Simple – all the elements are there. The intentional promotion and legalization by the politicians of same-sex marriages, restaurants everywhere with washrooms for both men and women simultaneously, and let’s face it, the sheer media push for the gay movement that is being force-fed in popular movies and TV series’ everywhere. Heaven forbid for a politician today to take a stand against equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community! (FYI: every couple years or so there’s another letter added to that abbreviation.)

Furthermore, the idol worship of today is Big-Tech Social Media. Ask yourself: What would you do without your cellphone? Literally and figuratively.

It says in the Zohar and other Jewish mystical texts that before the Messiah comes, all the wicked kings of old will be reincarnated. It’s a known fact that on many occasions Saddam Hussein proclaimed himself as the biblical king Nebuchadnezzar, and Hitler was a spiritual descendant of the evil Haman in the Purim saga, a scion of the Amalek nation. But are there are others? Yes. Conspiracy theories aside, some call themselves the “Illuminati”, some are part of the Radical Left movement, some are mega-wealthy CEO’s that crave domination, and some just plain rotten people that hate God and the Jews, and are therefore attracted to their ideological platform. Their agenda is to take over, no matter what it takes.

In fact, we see that this agenda has already taken over, for all intents and purposes, the Democratic Party in the US. The anti-God sentiment has overrun the mainstream media, the press, and most of the political platforms in the West, including organizations like the UN, the EU, and even the WHO (World Health Organization). If you subscribe to the notion that the so-called “China Virus” or Corona virus was actually created and purposely spread as a pandemic, if you dig a little deeper, these individuals and groups might be the ones connected to it. In other words, this could very well be part of a real war against God, namely the spreading of something in the air or via surface contamination that would deliberately harm humanity, heaven forbid, for a defined purpose.

Food for thought, no? As a side-note, I was once in a Chinese restaurant and after a sumptuous meal my fortune cookie curiously said: THAT WASN’T CHICKEN. Hmmmmmm.

In 2016, someone like former US President Donald Trump was widely perceived by these highly liberal institutions to be the last holdout for the little guy, the working stiff. That’s because he truly was. As such, Trump literally became a “clear and present danger” to people like US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. ‘Making America Great Again’ was going diametrically against their agenda, and thus the various ludicrous impeachment attempts, etc. to try and stop him in his tracks.

The ideology behind their agenda is to take people’s pride away from them and replace it with a type of national guilt so that Americans should be weak and fall easily into place. It’s as if to say, ‘you’re not really a good person.’ Instead, you should be feeling guilt for black slavery, guilt for a multi-trillion dollar national debt, guilt for wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, guilt for not making friends with America’s enemies, etc. The list goes on. Incidentally, that is why one of the first things that former US President Barack Hussein Obama did once he got into office was going to Egypt to make appeasement gestures to the radical, outlawed Muslim Brotherhood (not to mention Venezuela, Cuba and others), despite their connections to terror groups like Hamas. This is also the reason why he gave billions of dollars, in cash, to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a government that screams “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” daily, and effectively rewarding them with an agreement (bribe) called the JCPOA nuclear treaty, which had guaranteed them a nuclear weapon after 20-or so years. Just mind-boggling.

Many NGO’s have also joined this axis of war bandwagon against God, including organizations that have run amok like the International Court of (in)Justice/The Hague, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, B’Tselem, UNWRA, the Open Society Institute, and J Street, to list just a few – all apparently claiming to be under the umbrella group of human rights. There’s also Big-Tech companies, TIME magazine, etc. which have huge investments in this political platform.

For those interested in reading the playbook/road map to this warped agenda, one needs look no further than Obama’s recent book: The Promised Land. It’s all there. Including all his disparaging thoughts on Israel. What went wrong for him later on was that Hillary Clinton lost the next presidential election, so all of that momentum was lost for the next 4 years. That election was truly a miracle from God though. Now there is so much corruption in Washington that it reminds me of the fall of the mighty Roman Empire. It eventually imploded on itself from within due to all the party infighting, scandals and corruption. Simply put, there was no trust between the ministers, everyone was backstabbing each other, and the people of Rome were severely divided.

This rationale behind their trying to ultimately ‘defeat’ God adds up to coercing people to speak the same language as their corrupt party ideologies. Like the civilization that built the Tower of Babel with a mission to go up “to the heavens,” that is to say – we don’t need God anymore, instead, let’s “make a name” for ourselves (see Genesis 11:4). They figured, why pray to the intermediaries like the sun and the moon and the zodiac/constellations, when you can just play God yourself? It’s like being on a drug for your whole life that promotes a way of life other than what God originally intended.

The question I’m posing is: Can all these events that have been happening in recent years be somehow traced to each other, or connected in some way in order to serve one nefarious purpose?


Come to think of it, my work may indeed be tied in to this theory after all. I’m busy discovering the ancient Jewish connection to the Land of Israel by revealing these caves and tunnels underneath Jerusalem (and what lies within), and the last thing this anti-God movement would want is for someone like me to be finding sacred artifacts, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. In fact, finding anything connected to the Temple would (and will) be a game changer that would certainly spell the end for these groups and their plans to impose their beliefs, etc.

I can now say that every day we are truly getting closer and closer to finding these objects. It’s true and it’s exciting. The explorations we’re doing in and around the (cisterns of the) Temple Mount, Qumran, the City of David, and also the tunnels that are connected to King David’s Tomb under Mount Zion (originally initiated by the Church there) are just a few of the ongoing projects.

It’s important to keep in mind that at the end of the day this latest confrontation and negation of anything moral and spiritual was also foreseen by God, and in the grand scope of things serves His purpose as well. What might that be? People are being forced to choose and divide between the bad and the good.

What will it be for you?

But one can take consolation in knowing that the hardships and stress of this period will pass, and it will pass in the way that is Divinely ordained for the ultimate rectification and completion of the human condition. It will lead to the final redemption for all humanity. The world is on its way to becoming a place that’s much more spiritual, to the point where we will understand the Divine nature that pervades all physical things. And as the darkness is always the deepest right before the dawn, we must continue to hang on, and expect to witness and experience some very great things in the near future!

That means a win for all that we strive for, for all that is truly Good.

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