Palestinian Television: Rabbis Teach Jewish Kids to ‘Kill All Non-Jews’

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January 1, 2021

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During an interview broadcast on official Palestinian Authority television, “military expert” Wasaf Erekat claimed that Jewish children are taught by their rabbis to kill all non-Jews.

The interview was aired on the Dec. 16 episode of a program called “PLO—Conventions and Agreements,” according to Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch.

“The Israelis train their children to carry weapons,” Erekat told the host. “Our children don’t carry weapons. … They train them with weapons and train them based on the principle: ‘Kill everyone who is not Jewish,’” he said, adding, “The rabbis implant this indoctrination in the children of Israel: ‘Kill everyone who is not Jewish.’ ”

Needless to say, there is no such principle in Jewish thought.

Later in the interview, Erekat said he was “in favor of resisting the occupation [i.e., Israel] by any means,” a phrase often used by Palestinian leaders as a euphemism for violence against Israeli civilians.

This is not the first time such views have been aired on official Palestinian television.

In the series “Fida’i” (“Self-sacrificing fighter”), produced by Al Aqsa TV in 2015 and rebroadcast in Gaza this year, a Jewish family is seen at the hospital bedside of a relative who was beaten and injured. As they discuss who the attacker might be, a young boy says: “Definitely an Arab. I hate Arabs. I want to kill them!”

A male relative responds: “My dear Noam, I want you to be like this. You should always hate Arabs. All our lives we hate Arabs. We don’t love Arabs.”

A female relative adds: “We hate Arabs, dear. All of us.”

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