Israeli Mother of six Killed by Terrorist: Her Family now needs Assistance

“Comfort, comfort, my people o Israel”




(the israel bible)

December 21, 2020

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A 52-year-old mother of six from the Samarian village of Tal Menashe was killed by terrorists while jogging near her home on Sunday. Esther Horgan was stoned to death while hiking in the Reyhan forest several kilometers from her home in the village of Tal Menashe.

The terrorist, who is still at large, smashed her head with a boulder until she died. Her lifeless body was only discovered 12 hours after her tragic death. The murder was so gruesome that a media blackout was initially placed on the details of the incident.

Horgan worked as a spiritual healer and her work was ‘inspired by nature.’ She left behind a husband and six orphans – two girls and four boys as well as grandchildren. Her youngest is 13-years-old and celebrated his bar mitzvah only 3 months ago.

A friend’s eulogy

Horgan’s long-time friend, Tehila Efrati, took to social media to reflect on the life of a woman she calls a “strong, happy and beloved.”

“There are lovely neighbors here who lost their mother – just like that, on a clear day.” Efrati expressed concern for future terror attacks rhetorically asking: “How much more blood needs to be spilled here until the world is shaken?”

In a statement of defiance Efrati concluded her post saying: “Yes, we are strong and we’ll show them who we are and we won’t stop running here but – enough!, we don’t have the strength for this anymore.”

Another friend of Esther, Michal Avior, relayed to Israel365 News how much Horgan enjoyed hiking in the forest saying there “was always a sort of glow about her, very serene, very good heart.” She never raised her voice Avior recalls. “She dressed very fashionable with her own flair and gave out an aura of spirituality and happiness.”

Akiva Gersh of Israel365 who knew Esther said that she loved the people of Israel while making an emotional plea for donations for her family.

Tal Menashe

Esther’s family lives in Tal Menashe. Home to over 100 families, the village of Tal Menashe (Dew of Menasseh) was named after Joseph’s son – Menashe, who buried his father in nearby Shechem and whose tribe settled in that area. The village is surrounded by majestic nature trails that are unique to the north-west Samarian region.

Now that her life was cut short so abruptly, Horgan’s family needs comfort, as written in the Book of Isaiah:

“Comfort, comfort, my people o Israel” (Isaiah 40:1)

That is precisely what the Israel365 Charity Fund has set out to do.

The Israel365 Charity Fund is doing its best to fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy of comforting the people of Israel by providing Esther’s orphans with everything they need during this sudden tragedy. By setting up a relief fund for her family, her six precious children can know that friends of Israel are standing by their side during their period of mourning. Money needed for funeral arrangements, bills, food or any other household necessities are now being collected.

Can you help comfort the mourners of Israel by donating to the Israel365 Charity fund? If the answer is yes, please click on the button below.



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