With Netanyahu’s Approval, Levite announces on Temple Mount: “We’re getting Closer to (3rd) Temple”

Does anyone scorn a day of small beginnings?




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December 20, 2020

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Israel’s coalition chair and lawmaker (Likud) Amit Halevi lit Chanukah candles on Tuesday outside of the Temple Mount. Halevi then entered the holy site and recalled how Matityahu of the Hasmonean Dynasty “illuminated our light.”

It should be noted that Members of Knesset (MKs) are not allowed on the site without the Prime Minister’s explicit approval which means that Halevi had to have gotten the green light from PM Benjamin Netanyahu to ascend the mount.

“The light of our culture, of Judaism, the light of truth, we are here determined to light the light of Jewish culture and the light of prayer,” he said while touring the site.

He added that he hopes to illuminate the light that connects mankind to the creator of the World. “We are here in the House of Worship on the Temple Mount and we are praying for the continued success of Israel” he added.

Halevi was impressed with the changes taking place on the Temple Mount and said that step-by-step, Israel is getting closer to the Temple reports Rotter. As his name implies, Halevi is a member of the Levite tribe.

While on the holy site, Halevi explains how the darkness of the Hellenists tried to cut the connection of the Jewish people from the heavens to the Earth. “God isn’t something that is disconnected from the world but rather prevalent in our lives,” Halevi added, saying that our “customs are the customs of Sinai.”

He then explained that the light that the Maccabees spread is the same light that Israel needs to spread.

Regarding the phrase “In God we trust” on dollar bills, the lawmaker explained that God has to be prevalent not just in Israel’s economy but in every other aspect of its daily life.

Excited to enter the Temple Mount, Halevi quoted Zechariah:

Does anyone scorn a day of small beginnings? (Zechariah 4:10)

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He also said that he is there to” strengthen the Temple, the House of Prayer.” He then called on Israel to strengthen the light of the Temple and the light of God.


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