Shofar Blast shakes Washington at pro-Trump ‘Jericho March’

So the people shouted when the shofarot were sounded. When the people heard the sound of the shofarot, the people raised a mighty shout and the wall collapsed. The people rushed into the city, every man straight in front of him, and they captured the city.




(the israel bible)

December 13, 2020

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Among the MAGA Trump marches on Saturday, one Bible-themed march took place in support of President Donald Trump. Called the ‘Jericho March’. The event included prayer and featured Trump supporters blowing shofars.

The march was sponsored by founder and CEO of My Pillow Mike Lindell, and featured Robert Weinger, known in Israel and internationally as “shofar man,” Weinger is one of the world’s tops blowers—a true baal tekiah (click here to hear him blow two shofars in perfect harmony) who’s running a shofar center in the middle of the Judean Desert.

Before blowing a limited edition shofar dedicated to President Trump, which included the Presidential Seal, Weinger recited a verse from Joshua:

And Yehoshua said to the people, “Purify yourselves, for tomorrow Hashem will perform wonders in your midst.” (Joshua 3:5)

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Also at the march, was former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn who made his first public statement since his pardon in November. Alluding to the Biblical significance of the walled city of Jericho, Flynn told the crowd: “We’re standing in the middle of Jericho because we penetrated the walls of Jericho.”

“They didn’t want to assault Jericho, they wanted to do is march in peace with their soldiers.”

In the middle of his speech, he referred back to the story of Jericho saying: “it’s in our history and in our hearts.”

“When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, the first city that they came upon was Jericho. And it was a walled city” he added.

Flynn also said that “Women will be the ones who sort of, take us to that promised land. They really will.”

“Nothing can resist the power of prayer. We have felt it in our families lives over these very difficult four years.”

“These Jericho walls that we are standing now inside of the deep state” Flynn opined. “There’s evil and there’s corruption. But there’s light and truth and we’re going to get to the light and we’re going to get to the truth. And us inside this barricade, we’re gonna knock those walls down.”

Below is the full video of the Jericho March.

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