Did China Adopt “Flesh-Rotting” War Tactics From Book of Zechariah?

As for those peoples that warred against Yerushalayim, Hashem will smite them with this plague: Their flesh shall rot away while they stand on their feet; their eyes shall rot away in their sockets; and their tongues shall rot away in their mouths.




(the israel bible)

November 23, 2020

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A smoldering mountaintop conflict between two nuclear-armed nations turned apocalyptic with claims that China used a never-before-used “non-lethal” weapon that cooks its victims from the inside out. 

China-India Conflict in the Himalayas: Microwave Solution

The confrontation in the Himalayas took a disturbing turn this week when India accused China of using microwave weapons against its soldiers. 

The Himalayas section of the 2,000-mile border between India and China, the two largest countries in Asia, has been a source of contention between the two countries since the Sino-Indian war ended in 1962 but has heated up in recent months, turning bloody in September when clashes involving up to 900 soldiers left 20 of their soldiers dead. China refused to release data on the conflict.

The two countries have, in recent months, deployed tens of thousands of troops on the border between India’s Ladakh region and the Chinese-held Tibetan plateau.

Last week, Jin Canrong, a professor of international relations, gave a lecture at Beijing-based Renmin University in which he claimed that China had used microwaves on August 29 to target two hilltops to end a month-long standoff, forcing the Indian soldiers to flee without firing a shot. Canrong claimed this solution allowed a Chinese victory without violating the ceasefire agreement that prohibited live-fire. Canrong claimed that within 15 minutes of the weapons being deployed, “those occupying the hilltops all began to vomit”. 

“They couldn’t stand up, so they fled,” he claimed. “This was how we retook the ground.” The professor claimed the microwave weapons cooked the tissue of enemy troops “turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven.”

“We didn’t publicize it because we solved the problem beautifully,” he said. “They (India) didn’t publicize it either because they lost so miserably.”

“In 15 minutes, those occupying the hilltops all began to vomit. They couldn’t stand up, so they fled. This was how we retook the ground.”


Indian officials responded to the report on Tuesday, claiming that China is spreading ‘fake news’. 

The use of non-conventional weapons is deeply concerning as both India and China have nuclear weapons.

“It’s pure and poor psyops from China,” the Indian government said in a statement responding to the claim, noting that their military remained in control of the hilltops that were captured in June.
Non-Lethal; Deployed But Never Used

Initially designed for non-lethal crowd control, microwave systems work by heating the water under the skin to painful temperatures which force people out of the area.   Using a similar principle to a microwave oven it incites movement in the fat and water molecules located just below the skin surface, making the target feel like they are burning from the inside. As soon as the target steps away from the ray, the pain ceases, purportedly leaving no damage to nerve endings and blood vessels, which are located deeper below the epidermis.

If Canrong’s claim is true, it would be the first known use of microwave weapons on a battlefield. China’s version, called the Poly WB-1, was first put on display at an air show in 2014 and was thought to be supplied to Chinese naval forces. The Poly WB-1 uses millimeter-wave beams to target people from up to a kilometer away. The US equivalent, the non-lethal Active Denial System, was unveiled in 2007 and deployed in 2010 to Afghanistan. It was withdrawn without ever being used against human targets.

Microwaves: China’s Weapon of the Future?

Other forms of microwave weapons are being investigated as possible lethal weapons. In a paper entitled ‘China’s Progress with Directed Energy Weapons’,  Richard D. Fisher Jr, a Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, claimed that China’s space program was being developed for potential military missions that would employ laser and microwave weapons.

 “By 2023 it should be possible for China to build a space-based laser battle platform weighing 5 tons and carrying 2.5 tons of chemical laser fuel,” Fisher wrote. He added that China “may by now have an active space laser combat satellite program”.

Writing in the report for the International Assessment and Strategy Centre, he said: “China is working to dominate a potential next generation of warfare centered on directed energy weapons.”

“This drive for superiority is consistent with China’s drive for global economic dominance to be followed by eventual military dominance; the dominance of the seas and outer space,” Fisher wrote. The report outlined how China had developed low-power electric Solid State Laser (SSL) “kill” weapons but the report emphasized that there is great interest in China’s development of High Power Microwave (HPM). Currently, China’s military is a leader in developing HPMs.

Currently, microwave weapons are used strictly for non-lethal purposes and HPMs are only capable of attacking electronics. But if they should be developed, the principle could be the same as a microwave used in kitchens which cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. The general effect of exposure to microwaves will be physical burns to the body, as human tissue, particularly the outer fat and muscle layers, which has a similar composition to some foods that are typically cooked in microwave ovens and so experiences similar dielectric heating effects when exposed to microwave electromagnetic radiation.

Rotting Flesh

Such a weapon would bear a disturbing resemblance to the effects of the War of Gog and Magog described in Zechariah.

As for those peoples that warred against Yerushalayim, Hashem will smite them with this plague: Their flesh shall rot away while they stand on their feet; their eyes shall rot away in their sockets; and their tongues shall rot away in their mouths. Zechariah 14:12


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