Bible Codes Reveal: Civil War brewing in USA will Ignite War of Gog-Magog

The war between the House of Shaul and the House of David was long-drawn-out; but David kept growing stronger, while the House of Shaul grew weaker.




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November 23, 2020

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A mystic rabbi in Jerusalem revealed a remarkably precise code hidden in the Torah that warns of an imminent civil war in the US. The code even marks the precise time of the war: one week before the presidential inauguration.

Rabbi Fish: Torah Code Revealing Civil War

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, a Torah scholar with a Hebrew-language blog called Sod HaChashmal (the secret of the ‘electricity’), used special software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah

“I presented this Torah code to other experts and they all agreed they have never seen one like this for clarity in all of the codes they saw before,” Rabbi Fish said in his Hebrew language video. “It contains a chilling and unmistakable message.”

The rabbi made a graph with each horizontal line containing 1480 letters. The rabbi later explained that the number 1480 came from the name of the pandemic which has shaped current events. The gematria (Hebrew numerology) of the words Covid 19 (קוביד תשע עשרה) is 1467, plus the number of letters in its name (12) equals 1479, plus one (the unified aspect of God, the power behind the pandemic) equals 1480.

Rabbi Fish began with the last letter in the word ‘riv’ (ריב, argument) in Exodus 17:7. Going forward in skips of 1480 letters revealed the series בהתשפא, which means ‘in the year 5781’, the current year according to the Hebrew calendar. The rabbi noted that adjacent to the clue indicating this year was another code spelled out in letters placed 1480 spaces apart, שבט (the Hebrew month Shevat).

It is important to note that the month of Shevat begins this year on January 14, six days before the new president is expected to be inaugurated.

Continuing in the same line with the same equidistance of 1480 letters, code spelled out אבער רוב החי (I will burn most of the living). 

Civil War in the US: Precursor to Gog and Magog

The location of this catastrophic event is revealed in the same graph: ח”ול (chul), the common acronym for the words חוץ לארץ (outside of Israel). Rabbi Fish emphasized that this revelation was consistent with the description of the pre-Messianic Battle of Gog and Magog as described by the Prophet Zechariah:

Throughout the land —declares Hashem— Two-thirds shall perish, shall die, And one-third of it shall survive.That third I will put into the fire, And I will smelt them as one smelts silver And test them as one tests gold. They will invoke Me by name, And I will respond to them. I will declare, “You are My people,” And they will declare, “Hashem is our God!” Zechariah 13:8-9

Adjacent to this is the solution for the Jews of the US: ללכת לישראל (go to Israel). Slightly further in the graph, this message is repeated with the single word שוב (return).

The code ended adjacent to and above the end of verse Exodus 32:27.

He said to them, “Thus says Hashem, the God of Yisrael: Each of you put sword on thigh, go back and forth from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay brother, neighbor, and kin.” Exodus 32:27

Parallel to this chilling sentence with the same spacing of 1480 letters are the words “אמת אדיע” (I will make the truth known).

Iran: More Divisive Than It Appears

In the same verse (Exodus 32:27), spelled in gaps of four letters, is the word ‘Iran’. The rabbi explained to Israel365 News that the issue of how to relate to Iran appears to be a single issue dividing Democratic candidate Joe Biden from President Trump, but its implications go deep and have far-reaching implications.

“Associating with Iran means being under the influence of China, socialism, and oppression, and opposing the peace that seems to be sweeping across the globe,” Rabbi Fish said. “It is a hared of Israel which is essentially a hatred of the Torah and Hashem (God, literally ‘the name’).”

“These issues are what really divides the US now,” the rabbi explained.

Golden Calf: US Based in War of Brothers

“This code is found embedded in the section of the Torah describing the civil war that followed the Sin of the Golden Calf,” Rabbi Fish said. “This code comes to warn of a civil war in the US very much like that; a war between those who serve God against those who worship foreign gods, which is liberalism today.”

“The United States began with a civil war, what we call in Hebrew, a ‘war of brothers’,” Rabbi Fish told Israel365 News. “The war against the British was essentially a civil war fought between brothers. The Civil War between the North and South was a war of brothers, in some cases quite literally. The United States’ biggest challenge is to be united. Just like the Bible describes difficulties between brothers, the US has this challenge and that is their greatest tikkun (fixing).”

“If they do not learn to be together as brothers, this will mark the end of Edom, the end of Esau, and the beginning of the War of Gog and Magog,” Rabbi Fish said. “For the Jews in the US, they must come to Israel. Their time in exile is over.”

“For the non-Jews, they should see this as Jonah arriving at the shores of Nineveh. Like Nineveh, the Christians, who are the spiritual descendants of Edom, must repent.”


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