Bible Codes reveal Current US Election Deadlock, How It can Lead to End Days Apocalypse

After that, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and daughters shall prophesy; Your old men shall dream dreams, And your young men shall see visions.




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November 11, 2020

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A rabbi delved into the secret codes of the Torah and discovered that the current election crisis in the US is revealed with hints at the negative spiritual powers that fuel the left-wing that were rooted in the fall from the Garden of Eden. The rabbi warns that unless the left-wing agenda is prevented from coming to fruition, the coronavirus pandemic could become the end-of-days crucible that, like the Biblical flood, would act as the crucible killing off most of humanity.

2020 Elections: Exceptional in Many Ways

It has been eight days since the US presidential elections and despite the media declaring who they believe to be the victor, the undeniable fact is that no victor has been declared by the governmental bodies designated to do so. The results of the election have yet to be made official. The victor is officially certified by the Electoral College and then by the Senate, House of Representatives, and the National Archives.  Representatives from each state’s electoral college meet in their respective state capitals on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. This year, that date falls on December 14.  The final step in the process occurs on January 6 when Congress meets to count the electoral votes and officially certify the winner. 

And in any case, the ballots are still being counted in some states. This year, the voting was characterized by unprecedented mail-in ballots due to the pandemic, a reality that the canvassing system was woefully unprepared to cope with. Some votes that were mailed in are still arriving at the voting stations. 

In addition, it now seems that recounts will be inevitable. The candidates were separated by less than one percentage point in the swing states of Arizona (11 electoral votes),  Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), Georgia (16 electoral votes), and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), and by less than two percentage points in North Carolina and only slightly more in Florida and Michigan.

The task is indeed daunting as an unprecedented number of voters cast their ballot. Biden garnered a record of almost 77 million votes. But Trump garnered almost 72 million, more than any other candidate, winner or loser, in any previous election. 

There are currently nearly a dozen court cases pending concerning the election. It would be improper to speculate about the nature or validity of these cases before they are adjudicated but there have been many reports of voting irregularities. Judicial Watch reported before the election that a September 2020 study revealed that 353 U.S. counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters. The study found eight states showing state-wide registration rates exceeding 100%. 

Torah Codes: Election Fraud Revealed

Rabbi Matityahu, an expert in Bible codes, prepared a video in which he asked a very important question.

“Were the elections in the USA were fraudulent,” the rabbi asked. “Trump said they were but we need to check in the Torah which was the blueprint for creation. Everything which happened and is going to happen is there to see.” 

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson (Screenshot)

Using special software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters, Rabbi Glazerson found a chart that corresponds to current events in the Book of Numbers spanning chapters 7-32. Using a gap of 312, Rabbi Glazerson emphasized that this is six times twenty-six which, in gematria (Hebrew numerology) equals the name of God spelled out י-ה-ו-ה.

“Twelve months, which is the Zodiac and represents a complete cycle of time,” Rabbi Glazerson said in Hebrew

At the beginning of the chart, in Numbers 7:66, Rabbi Glazerson discovered the name of Biden (בידן) spelled out in intervals with the word ‘president’ (נשיא nasi, normally translated as prince) embedded explicitly in side the intervals. 

“This is the best meeting of these letters in the Torah,” Rabbi Glazerson explained. “So then I realized that there is a special message here. So I started searching for more clues.”

Directly underneath, he found the letters ארהב which is the acronym commonly used for the United States (ארצות הברית). At the bottom of the chart, bracketing the message, the intervals spelled out the word ‘fraudulent’ (רמאות). Also at the base of the chart was the word ‘election’ (בחירות) and the Hebrew calendar year (תשפא). The word ‘judgment’ (משפט) was also found.

Biden’s Allies and Their Biblical Roots in Evil

He then found the name of Amalek (עמלק), the perennial enemy of Israel, which, when spelled backward, is the name of Biden’s running mate, Kamala. The inverse spelling indicates a high level of deception.  

Inside the chart was also the name of Biden’s former boss, ‘Obama’ (אובמה), also spelled backward, indicating a lack of honesty. Emphasizing this trait of dishonesty as the theme is the word ‘snake’ (nachash נחש) appearing explicitly in the center of the chart.

Moshe made a copper serpent and mounted it on a standard; and when anyone was bitten by a serpent, he would look at the copper serpent and recover. Numbers 21:9

“Obama definitely pushed a lot so that Biden would be elected,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “And we know that Obama does not like Israel or the Torah. He gave a lot of strength to abortion and homosexuality which are against the Torah and against the Seven Noahide laws. These were the sins that caused the flood, corrupting all flesh.”

Ironically, the gematria of the word snake is 358, precisely equal to the word Messiah (משיח). This is indicative of the overwhelming prevalence of deception that will dominate the world at the end of days, as described by Isaiah.

And so redress is turned back And vindication stays afar, Because honesty stumbles in the public square And uprightness cannot enter. Isaiah 59:14 

Left-Wing Agenda Bringing Back Biblical Global Annihilation

Rabbi Glazerson then explained a rather complex mystical understanding that concluded with the relationship between man and woman being the basis for the creation and ongoing existence. He then explained that after the flood, God promised that he would not destroy the world again through a flood but we know that in the days preceding the Messiah, two-thirds of the world will perish as a means of purification. 

Throughout the land —declares Hashem— Two-thirds shall perish, shall die, And one-third of it shall survive. Zechariah 13:8

“This could come through anything, any kind of plague, even something like the corona,” Rabbi Glazerson explained. “This must happen when these very important things, abortion and homosexuality, are violated.”

Rabbi Glazerson also found the words ‘Samael’ and ‘Lillith’. Rabbi Glazerson has frequently discussed the left-wing political movement in mystical terms.

“It is not by chance that the left-wing is named as they are,” Rabbi Glazerson said to Israel365 News in a previous interview. “In Kabbalistic (mystical) terms, the left signifies din (judgment), which is characterized by limitation, or contraction.”

The word smole (left) has a hidden connotation in Hebrew connecting it to ‘Samael’, the main archangel of death. The rabbi explained that in Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), the letters sin (ש) and samech (ס) are interchangeable. This exchange of letters makes the word smole (שמאל) (‘left’) identical to the name Samael (סמאל).

Rabbi Glazerson said that the left-wing combines the forces of Samael with Amalek.

“Samael is the angel of Amalek. The gematria (Hebrew numerology) of Samael, 131, plus the gematria of Amalek, 240, totals 371,” Rabbi Glazerson pointed out. “This precisely equals the gematria of smole (left). The left takes its strength from both Samael and from Amalek.”

“Anything that lessens life in the world is against Torah and against Moshiach as per the contractive nature of the left side of din,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “The left-wing promotes these things, like abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia. They condemn the IDF in its battle against groups that openly call for death. The left claims they are doing it out of love and caring, but it is really because they draw their essence from the left side.”

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