Trump Administration: Biden will be Bad for Israel

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October 5, 2020

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The ambassador warned that a Biden victory would signal an Iranian resurgence that would threaten the entire region. A review of Biden’s record reveals that despite his sweet promises to Jewish Democrats, he has a history of abandoning Israel in its time of need and is clear that a Biden future will see a Palestinian state inside Israel.

Ambassador: Biden Will Return a Nuclear Iran

In an interview on Sunday with Al Ain News, a new service based in the United Arab Emirates, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman warned that a victory by former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections would be bad for the Arab Gulf States and Israel, but very good for Iran and it’s aspirations for regional domination.

“I think this may be the most consequential issue of the election,” Friedman said. “Biden was part of the Obama administration that negotiated and implemented the Iran nuclear deal, which, “President Trump thinks was the worst deal the U.S. has ever entered into. It created a path for Iran to get a nuclear weapon. It did nothing to restrain Iran from its malign activity, whether it’s supporting terrorists throughout Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen. It did nothing to restrain their building of ballistic missiles.”

“We are in a very good place with the sanctions on Iran, and we think if we continue down this path, Iran will have no choice but to end its malign activity. We worked really hard to get Iran to a much better place.

A new administration, especially if it consists of people from the Obama Administration, presents a real risk to those gains we fought so hard for together with our allies in the Gulf and our allies in Israel. We worked very hard to get to a much better place.  I would hate to think a new administration would undermine that but, regrettably, if Biden wins, I think they might. Which is why I care so much for this policy staying in effect.”

Friedman told Al Ain that a Biden victory would jeopardize the entire region: “If Biden wins, we will see a policy shift that in my personal opinion will be wrong and will be bad for the region, including for Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.”

Biden’s History: Duplicity and Anti-Israel

A career politician, Biden’s policies towards Israel are well-documented.In 1982, Biden threatened then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin with cutting US aid to Israel if Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria continued to expand. While expressing love for Israel, he has stated that this is still his policy. After the recent signing of the Abraham Accords normalizing relations between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE, Biden said annexation would not get a “green light” or recognition from his administration.

Biden is a proponent of the so-called two-state solution which would create a Palestinian State inside the borders of Israel similar to what was done when over 10,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from Gush Katif. He reasons that this is the only path to ‘peace”, though this was proven to be a false belief after Israel signed its third and fourth peace agreements with Arab nations without creating such a political entity.

Biden Will Create a Palestinian State

Friedman addressed this point in an interview with the Hebrew-language news site Makor on Friday, stating that in the Abraham Accords, Israel had agreed to delay but not cancel establishing sovereignty over the Biblical heartland.

“The proper term is ‘suspension’,” said Friedman. “It is impossible to translate that term into a specific timeframe. The whole idea is to use the creative energies as much as possible for the signing of agreements between Israel and Arab states. Sovereignty won’t be happening in the near future. It has been pushed off for a year, maybe two years.”

“I don’t know when it will happen. When we – the US and Israel – reach a joint decision regarding sovereignty, the idea is to have already achieved peace deals between Israel and a number of Arab states.”

“We’ve created a major change and a tremendous opportunity for people who believe in Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. We put forth a plan which would not include…the evacuation of a single community in Judea and Samaria.”

“My only memory of Biden in connection to Israel is his embarrassing reaction to the announcement of housing units in Ramat Shlomo in 2010. Ramat Shlomo is a haredi neighborhood in an area under Israeli sovereignty, in the municipality of Jerusalem. At the same time he was visiting Israel and met with Netanyahu. He got very angry and condemned the announcement while still in Israel.”

“That’s something you just don’t do. He should have understood that Israel is a sovereign nation in which houses can be built freely, and Netanyahu isn’t responsible for building every house, especially in Jerusalem – unlike in Judea and Samaria.”

Biden Fails Israel in Its Times of Need

Biden was highly critical of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem but has stated that he will not remove it. 

Axios asked candidates if they would move the U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv. Vice President Biden would not move the American embassy back to Tel Aviv,” a campaign spokesman told Axios. “But he would re-open our consulate in East Jerusalem to engage the Palestinians. He would also return the United States to the effort of encouraging a two-state solution — the only way to truly guarantee Israel’s long-term security as a Jewish and democratic state and meet the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians for a state of their own.”

Biden opposed the Gulf War in 1991 in which approximately 38 Iraqi versions of Scud missiles fell on Israel. As Vice President under Obama, Biden advocated for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal.

The Obama administration also warned Syria against using chemical weapons against its own civilians in its civil war but refuse to act when this was violated. 

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