Why Trump Will Win the 2020 Elections

September 13, 2020

5 min read

Well, you heard it here first folks.  President Donald J. Trump will win the upcoming election on November 3rd, 2020.  We’re now just less than two months before and Democrat contender, Senator Joe Biden seems to hold the lead according to pollsters around the nation.  However, we’ve seen all this before, resulting in nothing we can deem as reliable for final results.  The two are at the very least neck and neck at the moment.

So why is it that Trump will win the 2020 race?

Simple.  This US election is about good and bad.  Not bad and worse as many assume.  It’s really about the choice between good and evil.  The American people will have to decide what they want, and (as the saying goes), the people get the leaders they deserve.  

It’s very crystal clear to me. Trump = Good; Biden = Not so good.  Let me explain.  It’s not that Biden himself is a bad person per se. It’s what his party represents and the agenda of the Democrats today.  In my opinion, the very freedom of Americans will eventually be at stake if the Democrats come into power. The USA used to be a religious country that preached mutual respect and peaceful intent, “In God we Trust.”  Just 50 years ago, legalizing gay marriages and constructing co-ed washrooms was never even a thought. Sunday was considered an actual holy day, whereby businesses had to be closed.  By law.  The southern Bible-belt states even had old by-laws like forbidding people to spit on sidewalks on Sundays, etc.  

Coming from this historical background, you can’t put an administration built on a campaign platform that causes one to actually feel guilty about being American, into power, and then expect the citizens to be respectful, let alone tolerant, of one another. Let’s put it this way:  Try wearing a Trump t-shirt at a Biden rally and see how you’re treated, as compared with wearing a Biden t-shirt at a Trump rally.  I would be positively scared to show up at a Biden event dressed like that, because their hatred for the President seems to know no bounds.  It’s a leftist approach that has become irrational, bordering on hysteria. It’s almost like these people are being personally affronted every day.  What comes to mind is that unforgettable scene in Die Hard (can’t remember which number), where a very white Bruce Willis is standing in the middle of Harlem naked, with a sign saying:  “I hate niggers.”  Samuel Jackson then approaches him and says:  “Dude, have you got a death wish?” (or something to that effect).

I’m not even American, I’m Canadian.  But this issue really touches me as a religious Jew, and as an Israeli.  I confess to being a bit of a news junky (for better or for worse), and I see a US President that wakes up every morning to be disrespected, beaten and battered with an established prejudice at every turn.  Now, while it’s true that I think that the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau should go back to teaching high school drama classes, at the end of the day he’s a leader though, and thus deserves a certain amount of respect, like him or hate him.  Even in the Torah, God Himself tells Moses that even though Pharaoh is an evil dictator, he must nevertheless be respected as a king. 

This reminds me of those times when President Obama used to act in a demeaning manner towards our Prime Minister when he used to go for state visits in Washington, etc.  Now, while I’m not necessarily a big Bibi fan on the whole, it used to really irk me when I would see Obama putting the Israeli leader down by either not meeting with him at all, or when he put Netanyahu up in some 4-Star hotel far from the White House.  There are many other examples. And when they sat together, his body language said it all.  In the end, Obama, the darling of the media would come to rue the day he came up against him, i.e., where are they both today, what are their respective legacies?

In the same way exactly, Trump deserves better.  At least a collective ‘thank you’ for bringing a hurting nation together and keeping the morale up with his crazy optimism.  From the fateful day that he came down that elevator years ago though, the Democrats were set on impeaching him and bringing him down at seemingly any cost.   I think the American people are smarter than that though and realize that Trump is working for THEM.  Not to mention that the former Vice President Biden, appears to be becoming less and less mentally fit for office.   Apparently he now requires a teleprompter even to respond to questions. 

As it turns out, if Donald Trump becomes a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner (as he should), it should cement his reputation based on his deeds.  Give him credit where credit is due, for God’s sake.  Normalizing relations with Israel and the Arab world is huge, and shouldn’t be minimized. How is it that his whole nomination was barely even reported by the mainstream media? Something’s going on here, no?  Regarding the Republicans and Dems, you see real opposites here like never before.  

The untouchable Barack Obama received his Nobel Prize (presumably) for first aspiring, and then “reaching out” to America’s enemies early on, like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Mullahs in Iran, Venezuela, etc.  And how did that work out for him?  Even after the famous/infamous JCPOA nuclear pact with Iran was signed, did it stop Iranians from chanting: “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”?  In other words, where is the ‘Peace’ part of the prize, for all of his “vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons?”  Let’s just call a spade a spade:  Appeasement. His policies centered around appeasement, which seemed to echo with the Europeans quite well.  And the reality four years later? The exact opposite of all his policy initiatives.  We now know he received the Prize essentially for becoming the first Black president, and not necessarily for his deeds. Trump is about making deals to unify people, to roll up their proverbial sleeves, and work it out!  His opponents however seem hell-bent on promoting, and thriving from just the opposite, from NOT working it out, i.e., from division.

Here’s my point. Let’s face it, ten years ago there was more of a gray area between good and bad.  For the average US citizen, and indeed for any citizen, there were good political policies, and bad ones.  Use your gut feeling and ask yourself, which candidate/party represents something more moral for humanity?  Nowadays, as mentioned above, the contrast is quite stark.  The reason why I believe Senator Biden will lose the race is not because the people can’t go along with the Democrat’s liberal agenda, but because they can see through it. 

My whole university and post-grad education was in the US, where I lived for many years.  Now as an Israeli looking in from the sidelines, I can safely say that President Trump has a deeper love for America than any man I’ve ever met or known.  What does that mean?  More self-sacrifice and more patriotism for the Land of the Free.  Again, there’s bad and there’s good.  It’s not that the Democrats think that the people don’t ‘get it’ – their problem is that they can’t sell it!  There are serious problems in the world requiring serious leaders to solve them, not to create new ones. 

So I pose this question:  Which candidate is more interested in solving YOUR problems?  After all, it’s a fact, you win elections by first making people afraid of the problem, and then telling the middle age, middle-class, middle income voters who remember better BC (Before Corona) times, by pointing the finger as to whom is to blame for it, who is to blame for their lot in life…  

Do the Americans still know what’s right?  Yes, I think they do.

I think they do.

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