How Trump is Carrying Out Biblical Prophecy without even Realizing it

“It has been clearly demonstrated to you that Hashem alone is God; there is none beside Him.”




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September 6, 2020

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End Times expert Rabbi Mendel Kessin predicted that not only will President Trump win the election in November, but that, unbeknownst to him, the President is following a “Biblical script,” that is leading to redemption. 

He made these comments in an interview with host Tamar Yonah on Israel News Talk Radio earlier this week.

Yonah opened the show by asking Kessin how, “the rioting, chaos and coronavirus in the USA” are connected to the Messianic era.  

Kessin assured listeners that what’s happening in the news is playing out according to what he called “The Divine Plan of Creation.”

Four Foundational Ideas

Kessin laid out four fundamental ideas that underlie his perspective on current events, and then explained the Biblical underpinnings.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin (YouTube)

His first point is that Satan, the angel that, in Jewish thought, tries to tempt man to sin and then prosecutes him, is dying. “At the beginning of the Messianic process, God destroys Satan,” Kessin said. Right now, he is weakened but, “he’s trying to survive. That’s why you see so many things that make absolutely no sense.”

His second foundational point is to understand that the Biblical Aisav (Esau) continues to operate in the world. Aisav has two forms. There is the evil part of Aisav and the good part of Aisav.

For thousands of years, the evil part of Aisav has been persecuting the Jews.

“However, in the end of time, Aisav becomes good. This is called the tov she’b’Aisav – the good part of Aisav. The job of the good part of Aisav is fundamentally to help the Jewish people do the act of rectifying creation.”

Kessin explained that America, and specifically President Trump, represent the good part of Aisav. However, he said, “The Satan doesn’t want Aisav to help the Jewish people.”

The third foundational idea is that, just as God destroyed the world with a flood in Noah’s time for the sin of sexual immorality, America is vulnerable because, “America has turned into a country where sexual perversion has now become, not only permitted, but lauded, as a great lifestyle. God will not tolerate that type of perversion openly, and more important, legally, because that will destroy mankind.”

Kessin’s fourth foundational concept is that, “God wants to bring the Messianic era.”

Biblical Underpinnings

When Rivkah (Rebecca) was pregnant with twins, she went to inquire about the torment she was experiencing and she was given this prophecy. 

and Hashem answered her, “Two nations are in your womb, Two separate peoples shall issue from your body; One people shall be mightier than the other, And the older shall serve the younger.” Genesis 25:23

According to Kessin, the last part of this verse, “And the older shall serve the younger,” is a very significant prophecy. He explained that, in the end of days, the way Aisav will serve Yaakov (Jacob) is identical to the way the Biblical Aisav did when they two met as adults.

Esau said, “I have enough, my brother; let what you have remain yours.” Genesis 33:9

Kessin elaborated that this verse is Aisav saying, “All the blessings Yitzchak (Isaac) gave belong to you. That is why Trump, who is the good part of Aisav, is adamant about returning everything to Israel.”

Relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem, thereby affirming its status as the capital of Israel, affirming Israel’s dominion on the Golan Heights, declaring the Jewish people a nation, as it says in the Bible and negotiating for Arab states to make peace with Israel are all actions that President Trump has taken, in his Biblical role as the good part of Aisav, to return to Israel that which belongs to her.

Kessin added that Yishmael (Ishmael, meaning today’s Arabs) will also repent, just as the Biblical Yishmael repented.

His sons Yitzchak and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite, facing Mamre, Genesis 25:9

The preeminent 11th century Biblical commentator Rashi explains that, “From this we learn that Yishmael repented,” since Abraham’s two eldest sons came together to bury him.

Regarding peace between Israel and all her Arab neighbors, “It’s going to happen, because this is what is predicted,” Kessin asserted, based on this verse.

“The one who is doing it is Trump. That’s unheard of! Because the job of Trump, who is Aisav, is, ‘Let that which is yours be yours.’ He’s not aware of it, but he is following the Biblical script.”

Kessin predicted that Trump’s action on behalf of Israel are just beginning and he will be re-elected “in order to continue the job of assisting the Jews to do the rectification process and ultimately to usher in Moshiach (messiah), to advance the Messianic process.

The Chaos In America Is A Spiritual War

Turning his attention to what’s going on in America, Kessin said, “The evil part of Aisav is at war with the good part of Aisav. That’s really what you’re looking at,” he explained in reference to the chaos and lawlessness seen in certain parts of the US. “You are watching a civil war between the good part of Aisav and the bad part of Aisav. It’s an incredible spiritual war that’s going on.

“The Satan is trying to convince as many people as he can to hate Trump and to rebel. That explains why there’s a psychotic hatred of Trump. It is satanic! This is not normal. This has never happened before in US history.

“Therefore what God is doing is incredible. He wants to show America that if the liberal Democrats, the radical left [who are the evil part of Aisav], if they take over, that’s the end of America.

“God allowed these terrible things to happen in order for Americans to realize that [they’re] looking at the end of America [if the liberal Democrats come to power].”

Kessin predicted a landslide victory for President Trump’s second term. “I believe that in the end, America is going to turn against these people.”

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