Egypt Kills 77 Terrorists in Sinai Battle

“I will incite Egyptian against Egyptian: They shall war with each other




(the israel bible)

August 31, 2020

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Dozens of jihadists have been eliminated in counter-terrorism operations from the period of July 22 – Aug. 30, the General Command of the Egyptian Military said on Sunday reports Arab News.

An array of operations to cleanse Egypt of Islamic Terrorists has translated into the the deaths of 77 Jihadists.

Operations targeted the “homes of terrorists” which caused the deaths of 73 Islamists in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

Two other terrorists, who were classified as “extremely dangerous” individuals, were killed during an operation. At the time, they were in possession of two automatic rifles, five magazines of ammunition and as well as an explosive belt.

In a different operation, two other militants were eliminated and another was injured. They possessed four automatic rifles, explosives, and ammunition.

317 storage facilities where explosive materials were hid in northern Sinai by terrorists and ten four-wheel drive vehicles were also destroyed.

The Egyptian Air Force also demolished nine four-wheel drive vehicles loaded with weaponry as well as ammunition while trying to penetrate the country’s western borders.

Three Egyptian officers and four soldiers were killed in the battle.

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